We set ourselves high standards and do our best to ensure you have a positive and successful university experience. However, we recognise that this doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes, circumstances both in and out of our control may cause you to complain.

You can make a complaint if you are enrolled on a course at the University, but you must make it within three months of the matter affecting you.  You can also make a complaint within one month of leaving the University.

There are three stages to the complaints process:

Stage one – early resolution

Complaints should start at the early resolution stage. You do this by directing your complaint to one of the following:

  • Your course tutor
  • Your module leader
  • The programme leader
  • The faculty administration manager
  • A manager in the University service involved
  • A member of the department or faculty who you feel comfortable talking to

We encourage you to use a complaint form at this stage. If you are not sure who to direct your complaint to, please contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre or email the Student Casework team.

Stage two – formal investigation

If early resolution does not resolve your complaint, you can ask for a formal investigation.

You need to complete a complaint form and send it to the Student Casework team. Please include evidence to support your case.

For more information please read the student guidance or the University’s Student Complaints Procedure.

Stage three – review

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of stage two, you can ask for a review if you believe one or more of the following apply:

  • the investigation was not conducted fairly
  • the investigation failed to take account of relevant material
  • you have new evidence which would have affected the stage two decision had it been available
  • the stage two decision was wholly unreasonable

Please complete a review request form, stating which grounds apply. Send your form to the Student Casework team.

Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)

If your complaint remains unresolved after these three stages, you can take it to the OIA.

The OIA is an independent body whose role is to review individual complaints from students. You must complete the University’s complaints procedure before contacting the OIA.

Please go to the OIA’s website for more information on how to take your complaint further.

Further information

For more information, you can

Governor complaints

Please follow the University’s specific procedure for complaints against its governors.

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