Pictograph of orange person holding up papers, 3 in each handEdge Hill University engages external examiners for all taught degrees as part of its commitment to ensuring the continuing standards and quality of its academic provision.

External examiners are external subject experts who do not contribute to programme delivery, through teaching or any other direct capacity. Rather, they provide impartial advice and independent comment on, and confirmation of:

  • The quality and standards of the courses in relation to the national standards and frameworks.
  • The reasonable comparability of standards with other UK providers of whom they have experience.
  • Areas of good practice and recommendations for enhancement.
  • Edge Hill’s consistent and fair implementation of our policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and rigour of assessment practices including Progression and Award Boards.

Guidance on the processes and procedures relating to Edge Hill’s engagement of external examiners for taught degrees is available in Chapter 2 of the Quality Management Handbook. These processes take account of the Quality Assurance Agency’s (QAA) Advice and Guidance on External Expertise.

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