Initial liaison around the engagement of external examiners will be conducted within the relevant Faculty. Thereafter, all nominations are subject to approval at the University’s External Examiners Sub-Committee.

At Edge Hill University, we conduct a personnel approval process that runs concurrently with the committee approval process of external examiner nominations. This is to ensure that all documentation and relevant checks are carried out before engagement in any external examiner duties. The personnel checks include the signing of a terms and conditions document and successfully completing a right to work check. Edge Hill University’s processes are in line the QAA Advice and Guidance and the IR35 legislation. More information on this can be found on our Useful Information page.

Following the approval of the nomination and relevant personnel checks, external examiners will receive a letter outlining your responsibilities as an Edge Hill University external examiner, the programme/s you are responsible for and the dates of your period of office.

All correspondence in relation to your engagement will be issued to the address provided on the application, should this change please notify the External Examiners Administrator.

Upon engagement, external examiners will receive the External Examiners Handbook, the Academic Regulations and invites to our induction and training will also be issued.

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