Checklist on a clipboardAs a recognised degree-awarding body Edge Hill has the authority to approve (validate) new programmes of study. Trained members of our Validation and Audit Standing Panel, supplemented by expertise from other UK Higher Education providers as well as employers and professional bodies, receive detailed documentation and ensure that course content is current and relevant, that standards have been set appropriately and that students will have the teaching and support to achieve them. Validation reports are formally approved by the Academic Quality Enhancement Committee which enables programme recruitment and delivery to begin.

Once validated, programmes will normally remain in approval until their next scheduled Periodic Review.   For information on the modification of validated programmes please visit the Programme Modifications page of this site. For information on the standalone validation and modification of modules please visit the Module Approval page.

Additional information on validation is included in the Quality Management Handbook, especially Chapter 4.

Programme Specifications

Programme Specifications describe the content (modules), teaching and assessment of each Edge Hill University degree, and the knowledge, understanding, subject skills and other attributes that students will have developed on successful completion. Programme Specifications are available upon request via email to [email protected] or by phone on 01695 657489, however, an overview of the content of each programme is available online.

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