Welcome Sunday – moving into halls of residence

Welcome Sunday takes place on Sunday 15 September and is our designated day for students to arrive on-campus and move into accommodation. It’s a very busy day on-campus so, to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible, please follow the instructions outlined on this page using the tabs or watch our helpful video below!


Arrival entrances and key collection points

In order to reduce congestion we have staggered arrival times. You will have received an email from the Accommodation Team with the time of your moving in slot. You will need to find your hall on time timetable below to see which entrance you should drive into and whether you will collect your keys from Hub 1 or Hub 2.

Halls of ResidenceWhich entrance to useKey collection points
Back Halls
Margaret Bain, E M Butterworth, Eleanor Rathbone, Lady Openshaw, Katherine Fletcher
1HUB 2
Chancellors Court
Binns, Blake, Booth, Bradshaw, Boyce, Byron, Fulton, Lord, Meadon, Millner, Pinfold, Tomkins, Williams, Wilson
1HUB 1
Chancellors South
Aitken, Jenkins, Laverty, Millins, Welch
1HUB 1
Forest Court
Ash, Beech, Cedar, Elm, Holly, Larch, Maple, Oak, Rowan, Willow
1HUB 2
Founders West
Balfour, Crosfield, Matheson, McDairmid, Sarah Yelf, Sinclair, Smith
2HUB 2
Founders East
Dewhurst, Fennemore, Feuchsel, Holt
2HUB 2
Graduates Court
Ainsworth, Annakin, Maconie, Normanton, Pryce
3HUB 1
Main Building Halls
Clough, Stanley, John Dalton, Lady Margaret
2HUB 2
Palatine Court
Carrington, Glazebrook, Pankhurst, Roscoe, Wilkinson, Peel, Lowry
1HUB 2
Woodland Court
Houses A to Y
1HUB 1


1            Student and Staff entrance

2            Visitors Entrance (old)

3            Ruff Lane


Please click here to download a map of the campus.

If you are unable to arrive until after 4pm on Welcome Sunday or not until the following week, please contact the Accommodation team at CatalystEnquiries@edgehill.ac.uk for advice.

Getting here

Whether you are travelling to Edge Hill on Welcome Sunday by car or public transport, there are arrangements in place to make the move as easy as possible. For information about how to find us, visit this page on our website.

Travel Alert!If you’re moving into Graduates Court and entering campus via Ruff Lane, please allow for extra travel time due to a diversion currently in place.

Arriving by Car

When you arrive on campus you should make your way to either Hub 1 or Hub 2 in Main Building to collect your keys and Unicard and then move into your hall. Please check the first tab on this page, on arrival entrances and key collection points depending on your halls, to see where you need to go. You should have been sent details of what time your move-in slot is, so please stick to this designated time. On Welcome Sunday you may bring one car on campus (no vans please) and you will be directed to a parking space. To avoid traffic congestion, there is a maximum 2 hour time limit during which you will need to collect your keys and Unicard before returning to unload your car and unpack.

Due to limitations to car parking, your car must remain in your designated car park. It is not possible to move it closer to your Halls of Residence to drop off your belongings.
You are advised to pack your belongings in crates and suitcases with wheels and to avoid packing large heavy boxes that you will find difficult to carry. There will be staff and students on-campus, plus trolleys and buggies operating from each car park to help you transport your belongings.

After 2 hours we request that you move your car to allow other students the opportunity to park and move in. You will be directed to alternative parking in nearby Ormskirk town centre and there is a free bus service from Ormskirk Bus Station to and from the University running every 20 minutes.

If you require assistance or have mobility requirements, please contact the FM Helpdesk on fmhelpdesk@edgehill.ac.uk or 01695 584455.

Arriving by Public Transport

On Welcome Sunday, our free Edge Link bus runs from Ormskirk Bus Station to the University every 20 minutes. The Edge Link bus will drop you off near the main entrance to the University. From here, you should make your way to the Senior Common Room in Main Building where there is a secure luggage facility for students arriving by public transport. You are able to leave your bags in this safe spot while you collect your room keys and Unicard.

What Happens Next?

Upon arrival, you must leave your belongings in the car or in the Senior Common Room if travelling by public transport. You will then be directed to Hub 1 or Hub 2 to collect your keys and Unicard. There is a family area for parents and families to relax and wait for students to return.

Complimentary tea and coffee will be available together with information about key university services, and an opportunity to talk to staff and find out about student opportunities. When you have collected your keys and Unicard you will be directed back to meet up with your parents/family. You can then go and unload your car, or collect your belongings from the Senior Common Room, and move into halls. You are advised to pack your belongings in crates and suitcases with wheels and to avoid packing large heavy boxes that you will find difficult to carry.

If you require assistance or have mobility requirements, please contact fmhelpdesk@edgehill.ac.uk or 01695 584455 for advice. When you arrive please go to the nearest Welcome Point, where staff will arrange transport for you.

Accommodation fees

There are a few things we will check before you can collect your keys. We will check that you have:

  1. E-signed your Licence Agreement
  2. Paid your £150 deposit
  3. Set up a payment plan for your accommodation fees or paid in full.

Please refer to the preparing to live on campus page more information on how to make payments.

Your Induction Week timetable

In order to know where you need to go, and on what day, for your first session at university, you must download an electronic copy of your Induction Week timetable.

Click here to go to the course preparation page. Choose your degree programme from the drop-down list and select the ‘Induction Week timetable’ tab. A hard copy will also be provided by your department during your first session.

Click here to get your Induction Week timetabe

Hall talks

Once you have settled in, you will need to attend a compulsory Hall Talk presented by the Campus Life team. This will give you an introduction to your new home, campus facilities and the rules and regulations for students living on campus. Within the hall talks there will be a fire safety talk, delivered by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. Details of times and locations will be sent to you in September.

Halls Facebook Groups

Halls Groups

  • Chancellors Court Group 1 (for students living in Binns, Blake, Booth, Boyce, Lord, Meadon and Williams) – Please click here
  • Chancellors Court Group 2 (for students living in Wilson, Tomkins, Pinfold, Byron, Fulton and Bradshaw) – Please click here
  • Chancellors Court South (for students living in Aitken, Millins, Jenkins, Laverty and Welch) – Please click here
  • Founders Court East (for students living in Feuchsel, Fennemore, Holt and Dewhurst) – Please click here
  • Founders Court West (for students living in Balfour, Smith, Sinclair, Sarah Yelf, Matheson, Crosfield, McDiarmid) – Please click here
  • Back Halls (for students living in Lady Openshaw, Katherine Fletcher, EM Butterworth, Margaret Bain and Eleanor Rathbone) –  Please click here
  • Main Halls (for students living in Clough, Stanley, John Dalton and Lady Margaret) – Please click here
  • Palatine Court (for students living in Carrington, Pankhurst, Roscoe, Glazebrook, Lowry, Peel and Wilkinson) – Please click here
  • Forest Court (for students living in Ash, Beech, Cedar, Holly, Elm, Larch, Maple, Oak, Rowan and Willow) – Please click here
  • Graduates Court (for students living in Annakin, Maconie, Ainsworth, Normanton and Pryce) – Please click here
  • Woodland Court and Senior Students Group – Please click here


What happens when I arrive and where do I collect my keys?

Once you have parked, you must leave your belongings in the car or, if you are travelling by public transport, in the Senior Common Room. Please follow directions to The Hub to collect your keys and Unicard.

When you have completed this process you will be directed back to unload your car, or collect your belongings and move in.

Is there anywhere that my family can wait while I collect my keys?

Yes, there will be a family area in The Hub with complimentary tea and coffee. Your family are welcome to use this as a meeting point during the day or somewhere to relax.

Is there any help to move my belongings into my room?

Yes, there will be trolleys and buggies available in each car park, together with staff and students on campus to make your move as smooth as possible.

What should I do if there is a problem with my room?

If there is an issue with your room please contact the FM Helpdesk on 01695 584455. The FM Helpdesk will be available throughout the day, and during your time at university.

The FM Helpdesk is based in the Durning Centre, behind the Wilson Centre. To report a maintenance job online visit ehu.ac.uk/myfm.

Is there anywhere I can purchase hot and cold food on campus?

On Welcome Sunday the following outlets will be open, serving a wide range of food and drinks:

  • The Hub Sages Restaurant 7.30am – 9.00pm
  • Coffee Shop 7.30am – 6.30pm
  • Grab & Go 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Faculty of Education Building Water’s Edge Restaurant 8.30am – 3.45pm

You can also purchase snacks and refreshments from McColl’s shop, located in The Hub and the SU shop and Subway located in the SU building.

What else can I do on Welcome Sunday?

You can also visit the Students’ Union and the following university services in The Hub, Main Building:

    • Careers
    • Learning Services
    • Student Services
    • GP Registration
    • Edge Hill Sport
    • The Arts Centre
    • Confucius Institute
    • The Language Centre
    • TV Licensing
    • Student Opportunities

What is happening during my first week on campus?

To find out more information on what events and activities are planned go to ehu.ac.uk/studentswhatson.

Can I bring my car with me to campus during term time?

Students living in halls of residence are not permitted to keep a car on campus. There are some exceptions for students on placement. Find out more here.

Can I talk to my flatmates before Welcome Sunday?

You can find your flatmates, chat, and receive important information in our official Halls Facebook groups. You can find full details of the groups here after Results Day.

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