Online enrolment guide – including ID and photo upload

Enrolment is the formal process of becoming a student of the University. You will complete enrolment online in two stages.

Before you begin the enrolment process, you should read the Student Terms and Conditions here.

Stage One

To complete stage one of enrolment you will need:

  • The email we will have sent to you containing your student number, temporary password and link to access stage one enrolment
  • A suitable profile photograph saved as a JPEG or JPG file no bigger than 2MB
  • A copy of your identification saved as a PDF file, word document, JPEG or JPG image file no bigger than 2MB

Please note that if you have been a student at Edge Hill University in the last 12 months, you should log in to the enrolment system using your current username and password. If you have problems logging in, please contact the Catalyst helpdesk on 01695 650800 or

It is recommended you complete stage one using a PC, laptop or tablet. Please complete this as soon as you receive your email, and if possible, at least two days before you first arrive on campus.

Please use the tabs below to find out what is required at stage one of enrolment.

N.B. The steps you see may differ from those shown below depending on your course:

Step 1 – Course information

Your Personal Details

This confirms your name, date of birth and student number.

Your Course Details

This confirms your course code and instance code [which denotes the year for which you are enrolling], your full course title, your mode of study (full-time or part-time), the academic year, start date and course location.
If you find that any of this information is incorrect please contact the enrolment team:

Click on NEXT to progress to the next step.

Step 2 – Home/Term Address

Follow the on-screen instructions and enter a separate term-time address, if this is different to your home address. If your home address is also your term address click on the ‘same as’ box. Use the ‘lookup’ option to quickly identify your address based on your postcode – this will save you having to enter your address manually.

Remember that you will be able to make amendments to your contact details at any time via the University’s Student Homepage once you are registered.

Click on NEXT to progress to the next step.

Step 3 – Emergency Contact

Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the contact details for at least one person who can be contacted by the University in the event of an emergency.

Click on NEXT to progress to the next page

Step 4 – Personal Information

Follow the instructions on the screen and select your answers from the drop-down menus. If you click on the item headings, you will be able to access help information for each item.

Click on NEXT to progress to the next page

Step 5 – Additional Information

You may be asked some additional questions in this section. Follow the on-screen instructions and select the relevant answer. Help information is available for each item.

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Step 6 – Photo Upload

You are required to upload a photograph of yourself which will be used for identification purposes on your student ID card, known as your Unicard.

It is really important that your photograph follows our guidelines. If it doesn’t, we will be unable to produce your Unicard before your arrival.

Your photograph must be:

  • A recent colour passport style photograph of your head and shoulders
  • Taken recently i.e. the last 6 months
  • Of you alone (no other people or pets)
  • Taken against a plain, light-coloured background
  • Show you facing forwards and in the centre of the photograph
  • With eyes open, visible and free from reflection or glare from glasses.

You must not:

  • Cover your face e.g. scarf, sunglasses, hair
  • Submit a photo with red-eye
  • Submit a photo with shadows across your face or behind you
  • Submit a photo with a filter applied
  • Submit a photo where you are in the distance or there are other people visible
  • Submit scanned or duplicated images e.g. photographs of photographs
  • Submit inappropriate or obscene images
  • Submit an image of someone else.

 File Format

The image should be a JPEG or JPG file and should be no more than 2MB.

Acceptable photographs:

Unacceptable photographs:

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Step 7 – Identification Upload

You are required to upload your identification during this step, this will be checked and verified by the University.

You must:

  • Upload the correct form of identification according to your nationality, as indicated in the table below
  • Upload an electronic copy of the original document in colour print either by JPEG, JPG, PDF or word doc.
  • Be able to read all the details – blurry images will not be accepted
  • Ensure the whole document is visible and that all four edges of the document are evident in the image
  • Ensure the size of the file is no bigger than 2MB.

The level of identification required will be determined by your nationality, as set out below:

UKOne of the following:

UK & Northern Ireland Passport (preferred)
UK Photo Driving Licence (where this indicates the holder was born in the EEA+)
Original UK Birth Certificate*
Original UK Adoption Certificate*

*and Original Marriage Certificate / Change of Name document if applicable (Signed, dated and witnessed)
EEA[1] or SwitzerlandOne of the following:

Passport (preferred)
National ID Card
Photo Driving Licence (where this indicates the holder was born in the EEA+)
Non-EEAPassport and evidence of visa status

+ The European Economic Area (EEA) consists of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

The University is required by law to check, verify and retain copies of your documentation as part of our immigration sponsorship duties. We regularly check this documentation to ensure our students have the right to study in the UK and, specifically, with Edge Hill University.
The University also monitors students with a time limit on their visa. At enrolment you must provide evidence of your current visa status.

This policy will be strictly adhered to and you will not be able to enrol if you do not provide the appropriate identification. Please note students can only enrol in their legal name as stated on their identification.

Examples of acceptable identification:


Step 8 – Review

You may review all the data you have entered on this page. You will be provided with the University’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ and invited to read and accept these by declaration, which confirms your understanding that the relationship between yourself and the University is a legal one. Information about the Terms and Conditions of our contract was sent to you when we made you an offer of a place. There is a check box for you to indicate that you have accepted them – until this is done you will not complete stage one of the process and will be unable to progress to stage two.

Click on SUBMIT to complete stage one

Step 9 – Confirmation

This page confirms all the information that you have submitted to the University to complete stage one of the enrolment process.

Click on PRINT to print a copy.

Click on EXIT to return to the University’s Student Homepage.

Step 10 – Set up your Edge Hill email account

In order to ensure you have completed Stage One correctly, you must set up your Edge Hill University email account. You will need it to access all further enrolment emails, including your stage one confirmation email and your ‘Stage two: next steps’ email. The ‘stage two’ email is important as it contains the link you need to complete enrolment.

To set up your email, go to the Edge Hill University’s Student Homepage and click the email button.

Log in using your Edge Hill username (which is your 8-digit student number) and password.

You will have been sent these in the ‘Getting Started’ email sent to your personal email account.  You can also set up your Edge Hill emails to be received through your phone by downloading the Outlook app here.

If you have any problems logging into your email account, contact Learning Services ( / 01695 650800). You can also click here to reset your password.

A delay in enrolling may result in you being unable to access University facilities and a delay to your first student loan payment (if applicable).

If you need help with any stage of the enrolment process get in touch:

Stage two


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you will NOT be required to attend campus to complete stage two and confirm your attendance. Instead, we will send you an enrolment form via email. This email will be sent to your Edge Hill email address. Please refer to Step 10 under Stage One to ensure you have set this up.


To complete enrolment:  Print the form off, sign it, take a photo of it on your phone (or scan it) and then email this back to


Please contact the enrolment team if you do not have access to a printer. Remember, you are not enrolled as an Edge Hill student until you have completed this stage.


For queries about your enrolment contact:

To reset your password contact:


A delay in enrolling may result in you being unable to access University facilities and a delay to your first student loan payment (if applicable).

If you need help with any stage of the enrolment process get in touch:



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