Students’ Union

Everything we do at Edge Hill is shaped by students, and we’re here to represent ALL students at Edge Hill University. We’re here to ensure student voices are heard, valued and acted upon.

Our vision is to create the best student experience we can for as many Edge Hill students as possible.

We want to:

  • Understand your priorities and respond effectively
  • Broaden, deepen and diversify the range of students we engage with
  • Ensure you enjoy a high-quality academic experience
  • Support and encourage you to develop your interests and shape your future
  • Inspire you to develop new ideas, be creative, and campaign for change.

Every year, Edge Hill students elect sabbatical officers and a student council to be the student voice
The officer team are supported by a team of full and part-time staff, as well as part-time officers who are elected to represent LQBT+ students, BME students, mature/part-time students, postgraduate students, women, international students and trans & non-binary students. We sit on academic boards to ensure students are always considered in any decision made. It’s SO important that you vote in elections to make sure the people making decisions reflect your voice too!

We offer free, independent, confidential advice
Our hugely popular Advice Centre is also on-campus to offer support and guidance in key areas such as academic issue, welfare benefits, housing, money and debt…we’re always here for a cuppa and a chat if you’re feeling stressed, worried or lonely, so PLEASE get in touch if you need help. We offer both face-to-face and phone appointments to help make the service accessible for all students on and off-campus, and it’s really easy to book an appointment at

We look after societies and Team Edge Hill
Joining a society is one of the best ways to get involved in student life at university, meet like-minded people and most importantly, have fun! We currently have around 70 active societies with more being created all the time – you can even start your own, and our team can help you to run it, recruit members and sort out the money stuff too.
We also run ‘Team Edge Hill’ competitive sports teams and BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) games, organising transport for away games, kits, referee, training and coaches (have you seen our amazing sports facilities on campus?!) Whether you’d like to join a team, or become an avid flag-waving supporter, there are so many exciting things to be a part of.

Events? Yep, we do that too!
EHSU prides itself on creating fantastic student events, with a jam-packed Welcome Week schedule and a better-than-ever ‘Give it a Go’ calendar for 2019/20. We also organise the Grad Ball, and run the SU Bar and VENUE, with events on nearly every night on campus.

We’re the on-campus sellers of hoodies, NUS Extra cards and everything in between!
The SU Bar also serves a fabulous food menu, and operates a late night takeaway (next stop: delivery!) We are the official Edge Hill merch sellers on campus, and even have a hugely popular  online shop when walking to the SU building is just too much effort! We’re also licensed sellers of NUS Extra cards – a must for students  to get amazing local, national and international discounts and deals.

It’s so much better when we’re together
We want you to be involved in everything we do, so follow us on social media (don’t forget to like share, tag and comment!) and get in touch with your thoughts, feelings, views and ideas. The power to change is in your hands…
F: /edgehillsu
T: @edgehillsu
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