Preparing your finances

There are several important areas of finance, such as how you will fund your degree studies, that you must prepare for now, before you have completed your Fastrack programme. Find out more about:


Fastrack Funding

As the Fastrack programme will be delivered online the funding previously available to applicants is no longer required and, as such, is no longer available. This funding was for travel, childcare and as a contribution towards the cost of halls of residence.

If current Government COVID-19 restrictions change, and you can access childcare through a registered provider whilst on the Fastrack programme, you may be eligible to apply for a contribution towards these costs. Please complete this form here including  your contact details if you wish to be apply for support. The Money Advice Team will then telephone you to assess eligibility, explain the next steps and process your application; if eligible.

Student Finance

If you intend to get help with paying your undergraduate tuition fees and living expenses for your degree, now is the time to make sure that everything is in place. Applying for your Student Loan now will ensure that you receive your funding on time and your transition to undergraduate life runs smoothly. If you have not yet applied for help with financing your undergraduate studies, you should apply immediately at

The process can take some time. Complete your application as soon as you can, to ensure you have your funding in place before your degree programme begins. It is important that you do not delay with making your application and that you respond quickly to any requests for information.

If you have any questions about fees and finance, contact the Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries team by emailing


All students on our Fastrack programme can apply for the Excellence and Sports scholarships which would be awarded once on your degree programme.

You can also apply to the Student Opportunity Fund. This fund provides support if you want to take-up course-related activities, volunteering and internships, during your degree programme, that will improve your future employability prospects.

For further information on scholarships and the student opportunity fund, please contact or go online to

Student Bank Accounts

Visit to see a useful comparison of all of the different student accounts that may be available to you.

Money Advice

The Money Advice team at Edge Hill is available for help with any financial concerns. Before your programme begins, you might find it useful to use this handy budget planner. You can input your income and expenditure, and find out how much money you’ll be left with after you’ve paid for all the essentials.

For more financial information and support, please visit the Edge Hill Money Advice pages here

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