Course Preparation

The Fastrack programme is designed to give you a level of skill and expertise to enable you to embark upon a degree programme in your chosen subject. The programme aims to equip you with a range of skills to enable you to take responsibility for your own learning and allow you to study effectively. Information can be found below on the following topics:


Your modules

The programme consists of two main modules. These modules are designed to complement each other to enable you to gain the skills required to complete the programme. You will need to successfully complete both modules to pass the Fastrack programme.

Subject Module Sessions: an introduction to the key features and concepts of the subject area you have chosen. The content will give you a generic overview of relevant subject related areas. By the end of the programme you will have a good introduction to your subject and be ready to build upon your knowledge at degree level.

Developing Academic Study Skills (DASS) Module Sessions: designed to provide you with a firm understanding of a range of study skills and time management techniques. In addition, the programme includes training in essential IT skills and their application to study in higher education.  It also includes personal development sessions which are designed to assist you in taking responsibility for your learning. You will be assigned a Developing Academic Study Skills (DASS) Tutor. This tutor will lead your group in a series of exercises designed to support your learning on the programme. This will include sessions on building upon your experience and working in groups.

Course dates and timetable

Your Fastrack programme will run from Monday 15 June to Friday 31 July.

Whilst the Fastrack Programme will now be delivered online, it has not lost any of its intensity. In order to successfully complete the course you will need to allocate between four and six hours per day to your studies. Some of this will be scheduled times when you need to be online, and other times that you will need to access work in your own time.

Sessions will be released on a weekly basis for you to work through chronologically and you will be required to view recorded sessions and complete the tasks in a timely manner. Timetabled live sessions such as webinars and 1-2-1 sessions with your tutor will also be scheduled for you to participate in.

For the first three weeks of the programme you will study the Developing Academic Skills Module. The timetable for this will be every Monday 10am – 11am and every Friday 10am -11am for a group catch up.  Also on the Friday, you will have an individual 1-2-1 session with your tutor.

From week four the subject module will be introduced and this will have different requirements depending on which subject area you are studying. More information on this will become available closer to the time.

Attendance Criteria

As the 2020 programme is to be delivered online, you will be monitored with regards to your online input, and you will be required to show an excellent level of commitment to the programme.

Scheduled sessions will be compulsory unless previously agreed.

Progression to degree programme

Successful completion of the Fastrack programme is dependent upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Successfully completing the assessment criteria necessary to achieve the specified credits in your chosen subject
  • Successfully completing the assessment criteria necessary to achieve 20 credits in DASS
  • Meeting the attendance criteria.

Conditional Offer – Degree Progression

Some degree pathways such as Health, Teaching, Nursing and ODP will already have a degree pathway stipulated, and changes can only be made through a formal request. Other subject areas offer some flexibility as to which degrees you can progress on to. You will be asked towards the end of Fastrack to stipulate which degree you want.

The progression criteria for each pathway can be found on our course information page. Please visit the website here.

Please be aware that if your progression on to your degree requires you have GCSEs this requirement will still need to be met unless the UK government advises otherwise.


All pathways will require you to obtain a reference. You need to arrange for a reference to be sent to us. Please send the following link to your referee for them to submit the reference:

If you have not yet supplied a satisfactory reference with your application this will need to be with us no later than Tuesday 9 June.


At this point you do not need to apply though UCAS for your degree. The Fastrack Team will process this towards the end of the programme.

Please be aware that you are responsible for meeting any conditions of offer. If you are not sure what your conditions are or have any other questions please contact the Fastrack Team as soon as possible.

Failure to meet your conditions of your offer on time will have an adverse impact on your progression to degree level study.

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