Course Preparation

The Fastrack programme is designed to give you a level of skill and expertise to enable you to embark upon a degree programme in your chosen subject. The programme aims to equip you with a range of skills to enable you to take responsibility for your own learning and allow you to study effectively.

Key elements of the programme

The programme consists of two main modules. These modules are designed to complement each other to enable you to gain the skills required to complete the programme. You will need to successfully complete both modules to pass the Fastrack programme.

Subject Module Sessions: an introduction to the key features and concepts of the subject area you have chosen. The content will give you a generic overview of relevant subject related areas. By the end of the programme you will have a good introduction to your subject and be ready to build upon your knowledge at degree level.

Developing Academic Study Skills (DASS) Module Sessions: designed to provide you with a firm understanding of a range of study skills and time management techniques. In addition, the programme includes training in essential IT skills and their application to study in higher education.  It also includes personal development sessions which are designed to assist you in taking responsibility for your learning. You will be assigned a Developing Academic Study Skills (DASS) Tutor. This tutor will lead your group in a series of exercises designed to support your learning on the programme. This will include sessions on building upon your experience and working in groups.


You will need to have two folders – each with a set of subject dividers, pens, pencils and paper for note taking. These must be kept neatly as they will be submitted near the end of the programme and will be used to assess your work.

Your Induction Session

Living off-campus

Your induction session will take place on Thursday 23 May. Three different session times are available. Each session will last 2 hours and all sessions will take place in the Law and Psychology Building. See below for times and booking link:

  • 23 May 10.00am
  • 23 May 1:00pm
  • 23 May 5:00pm

To book your place please click here.

As well as meeting the Fastrack Team, completing enrolment and receiving important information about your course, you will also be able to speak to other support services including Money Advice, Inclusive Services and the SPLD teams.

If you are unable to attend one of these sessions please contact the Access Programmes Team via email

Living on-campus

Sunday 2 June is our designated day for residential students to arrive on campus and move into accommodation.  If you are living in halls will also need to book to attend your induction session that will take place on the 2 June. To book please click here.

Your first week on course

The first week of your Fastrack programme is Monday 3 to Friday 7 June. It is all about settling in to your academic and social environment, meeting your tutors, making friends, finding your way around and getting started on your academic studies. On the Fastrack programme you will be embarking on your studies from day one, so you will need to come prepared to learn.


You will be issued with your official timetable at the start of the programme. However, you can expect to be in University from 10am until 3pm Monday-Friday. There will be two sessions with one hour break for lunch.

Attendance criteria

There is an expectation that students will have 100% attendance.  Absences will only be authorised in mitigating circumstances, such as health appointments or formal exams and absences will need to be evidenced. Due to the intensive nature of the programme, students who fall below 90% attendance may be asked to leave the programme.

Holidays and social occasions would not be classed as an authorised absence. Every absence is viewed on an individual basis and it is worth remembering that the more you put into to Fastrack the more you will get out.

Progression on to degree programme

Successful completion of the Fastrack programme is dependent upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Successfully completing the assessment criteria necessary to achieve the specified credits in your chosen subject
  • Successfully completing the assessment criteria necessary to achieve 20 credits in DASS
  • Meeting the attendance criteria.

Conditional Offer – degree progression

Having being accepted on to the Fastrack Programme you are now classed as holding a conditional offer for a degree programme commencing in September 2019.

There are likely to be a number of conditions that you need to meet and it is important that you take note of these and try to meet as many of them as soon as possible.

The main condition of course being that you successfully complete Fastrack, demonstrating an aptitude for studying at a higher level.


If you have not yet supplied a satisfactory reference with your application this will need to be with us no later than Tuesday 4 June.


At this point you do not need to apply though UCAS for your degree. The Fastrack Team will process this towards the end of the programme.

Please be aware that you are responsible for meeting any conditions of offer. If you are not sure what your conditions are or have any other questions please contact the Fastrack Team as soon as possible.

Failure to meet your conditions of your offer on time will have an adverse impact on your progression to degree level study.

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