Dr Rochelle Taylor


  • PhD Earth Sciences, Seismic Velocity Modelling, University of Manchester, 2013
  • MEarthSci (Hons) Geology, University of Manchester, 2007


My research interests broadly lie within the fields of geotechnics and geomechanics. This includes linking petrophysical and petrographic analysis of carbonate rocks, measuring fracture properties in two- and three-dimensions using photogrammetric techniques, assessing the effect of fracture orientation and intensity on elastic properties of rocks, and the petrophysical and mechanical properties of shales and tight sandstones.


GEO1051         Geological Hazards
GEO1240         Rocks, Minerals and Fossils
GEO1241         Geological Research Methods I
GEO1242         Earth History
GEO2241         Sediments and the Biosphere
GEO2244         Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
GEO3071         Natural Hazards
GEO3240         Geological Field Mapping Project
GEO3241         Geoenvironmental Engineering

Recent Publications

Aratman, S.R.C., Taylor, R.L., Hollis, C., Mohammadi, Z., Ozkul, M. 2018. Relationship between continental carbonate lithotypes and their petrophysical characteristics: A case-study from the Denizli basin (Turkey). 6th International Geologica Belgica Meeting.

Korneva, I., Bastesen, E., Corlett, H., Eker, A., Hirani, J., Hollis, C., Gawthorpe, R.L., Rotevatn, A., Taylor, R.L. 2018. The Effects of Dolomitization on Petrophysical Properties and Fracture Distribution Within Rift-Related Carbonates (Hammam Faraun Fault Block, Suez Rift, Egypt). Journal of Structural Geology, 108, pp. 108-120. doi.org/10.1016/j.jsg.2017.06.005

Taylor, R.L., Rutter, E.H., Nippress, S.E.J., Brodie, K.H. 2015. Seismic Velocity Modelling of the Carboneras Fault Zone, S.E. Spain. Tectonophysics, 646, pp. 20-35. doi.org/10.1016/j.tecto.2015.01.001

Rutter, E.H., Mecklenburgh, J., McKernan, R., Taylor, R.L. 2015. Pressure-Dependent Permeability of Shales. Fourth International Conference on Fault and Top Seals.

Chandler, M., Mecklenburgh, J., Rutter, E.H., Taylor, R.L., Fauchille, A-L., Ma, L., Lee, P.D. 2017. Breakdown Pressures and Characteristic Flaw Sizes During Fluid Injection Experiments in Shale at Elevated Confining Pressures. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts.

Chandler, M., Mecklenburgh, J., Rutter, E.H., Fauchille, A-L., Taylor, R.L., Lee, P.D. 2017. Fracture Propagation During Fluid Injection Experiments in Shale at Elevated Confining Pressures. EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, Volume 19.

Taylor, R.L., Rutter, E.H., Brodie, K., Faulkner, D.R., Nippress, S.E.J., Rietbrock, A. and Haberland, C. 2011. Ground-Truthing In-Situ Seismic Data Against Geological Data: The Carboneras Fault Zone, S.E. Spain. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Volume 13.

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