Kwame Tweneboa Awuah


  • Dual MSc Sustainable Forest and Nature Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Alnarp, Sweden) and Georg-August University of Goettingen (Goettingen, Germany), 2017
  • BSc (Hons) Natural Resources Management, KNUST (Kumasi, Ghana), 2014


My research spans around the application of remote sensing to investigate ecological processes at different spatial and temporal scales. Before joining Edge Hill, I spent time at the Chair of Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing (University of Goettingen) dealing with issues related to how landscape heterogeneity influences remote sensing estimates of land cover attributes across different scales of observation in complex urban-rural landscapes, as well as monitoring of land cover and land use changes in the Zambia-Malawi Transfrontier Conservation Area. I am interested in landscape ecology, remote sensing and GIS, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem modelling and environmental change.

My PhD research is focused on understanding the spatio-temporal resilience of grazing lawns against broad environmental changes in African savannahs. I am particularly interested in how grazing lawn distribution changes over space and time, key environmental drivers, the role of increasing atmospheric CO2, industrial N deposition and soil properties in dynamics of grazing lawn community composition and structure and implications for large herbivore species and broader ecosystem dynamics. I use a variety of tools to address these questions, including statistical sampling, multi-sensor and multi-scale remote sensing, multivariate techniques and spatial modelling approaches.

Research projects

  • Spatio-temporal resilience of lawn grasses in southern African Savannas (Project Investigator), Ongoing.
  • Enhancing understanding of the management and benefits of trees on farms in the Zambia-Malawi Trans frontier Conservation area for improved land use planning and sustainable agricultural intensification (Funded by German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ)) (Project investigator), Closed.
  • Functions, Scales and Dynamics of Transition in Socio-Ecological Systems at the Rural-Urban Interface in India (Funded by German Research Foundation (DFG)) (Research Assistant), Closed.
  • Horizontal distribution of aboveground biomass in trees and stands (Funded by the Research Institute of Forest Ecology and Forestry – Rheinland-Pfalz) (Research Assistant), Closed.
  • Allanblackia domestication project in Eastern, West and Central African region (Funded by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) & European Union (EU)) (Research Assistant), Closed.  

Journal articles

  • Awuah, K.T., Noelke, N., Freudenberg, M., Diwakara, B.N., Tewari, V.P., Kleinn, C., (2018). Spatial resolution and landscape structure along an urban-rural gradient: Do they relate to remote sensing classification accuracy? – A case study in the megacity of Bengaluru, India. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment,
  • Mensah, A.A., Awuah, K.T., Ankomah, G.O., Abdulai, I., (submitted). Habitat suitability mapping of African Mahogany (Khaya anthotheca C.DC.) under current and future climatic conditions across tropical forest gradient in Africa, Journal of Forest Ecosystems.

  Technical reports

  • Awuah, K.T. and Kleinn, C., (2019). Trees outside forests, land cover and land use changes in the Zambia-Malawi Trans-Frontier Conservation Area: A remote sensing-based assessment. Report submitted to the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Conference presentations

  • Aplin, P., Marston, C. and Awuah, K.T., (2019). The influence of seasonality on savannah land cover mapping, Living Planet Symposium, European Space Agency, 13th -17th May 2019, Milan.
  • Awuah, K.T., (2018). Spatial resolution and landscape structure along an urban-rural gradient: Do they relate to remote sensing classification accuracy? European Space Agency 8th Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing, University of Leicester, 10th – 14th September 2018.
  • Awuah, K.T., (2017). Spectral unmixing for land cover mapping in complex urban-rural landscapes. 6th Annual Alliance Graduate Summer School: Research Methods for Sustainable Development, 29 May2nd June 2017.

Awards and grants

  • Royal Geographical Society’s Geographical Club Award, 2019
  • South Africa National Parks Research Project Award, 2018-21
  • Erasmus Mundus Partner Country Scholarship, 2015-17

Learned society membership

  • British Ecological Society
  • Royal Geographical Society


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