Dr James Rowson


Bsc Environmental Geoscience, Department of Earth Science, Durham University (2003)
PhD Carbon emission from managed upland peat, Durham University (2007)


My main research interest is carbon cycles within potential carbon sinks and stores. This includes carbon fluxes from soil to air, soil to water, water to air and within soil processes. Potential carbon sinks range from upland peatlands to sustainable waste management, with a view to creating new carbon sinks and preserving existing carbon stores.


GEO1032 Introducing Physical Geographies
GEO1033 Practising Physical Geographies
GEO1034 Geographical Skills
GEO1035 Geo.com
GEO1230 Rocks, Minerals and Fossils
GEO1231 Geological Techniques I
GEO1130 Science of the Physical Environment
GEO2060/2130 Research Methods in Geography/Environmental Science
GEO2062/2131Fieldwork in Geography/Environmental Science
GEO2231 Sedimentology
GEO3054 Climatic Change
GEO3060 Dissertation
GEO3061 Approaches and Concepts in Geography
GEO3100 Environmental Management

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Rowson, J.G. Payne, R.J, Dise, D.B., Caporn, S.J.M. A field scale manipulation experiment to simulate long term warming and summer drought on peatlands. In preparation, Methods in Ecology and Evolution
Rowson, J.G., Worrall, F., Evans, M., Predicting soil respiration from peatlands, Accepted to Science of the Total Environment in press
Clay, G., Dixon, S.D., Rowson, J.G., Worrall, F. Effects of managed burning in comparison to vegetation cutting on dissolved organic carbon concentrations in peat soils. Accepted by Hydrological Processes in press
Clay, G., Dixon, S.D., Evans, M., Rowson, J.G., Worrall, F. Carbon dioxide fluxes and DOC concentrations of eroded blanket peat gullies. 2012, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 37 (5), 562-571
Worrall, F., Rowson, J.G., Evans, M.G., Pawson R., Daniels S., & Bonn A. Carbon fluxes from eroding peatlands – the carbon benefit of revegetation following wildfire. 2010 Earth surfaces and landforms, 36(11), 1487-1498.
M.F.Billet, D.J. Charman, J.M. Clark, C.D. Evans, M.G. Evans, N.J. Ostle, F. Worrall, A. Burden, K.J. Dinsmore, T. Jones, N.P. McNamara, L. Parry, J.G. Rowson, R. Rose. Carbon balance of UK peatlands: current state of knowledge and future research challenges. 2010, Climate Research, 45, 13-29
Clark, J. M., Billett, M. F., Coyle, M., Croft, S., Daniels, S., Evans, C. D., Evans, M., Freeman, C., Gallego-Sala, A. V., Heinemeyer, A., House, J. I., Monteith, D. T., Nayak, D., Orr, H. G., Prentice, I. C., Rose, R., Rowson, J., Smith, J. U., Smith, P., Tun, Y. M., Vanguelova, E., Wetterhall, F. and Worrall, F. (2010) Model inter-comparison between statistical and dynamic model assessments of the long-term stability of blanket peat in Great Britain (1940-2099). Climate Research, 45, 227-248
Rowson, J.G., Gibson, H.S., Worrall, F., Ostle, N., Burt, T.P., Adamson, J.K., 2010. The complete carbon budget of a drained peat catchment. Soil use and management, 3, 261-273
Worrall, F., Burt, T.P., Rowson, J.G., Warburton, J., Adamson, J.K. 2009. The multi-annual carbon budget of a peat-covered catchment. Science of the total environment, 13, 4084-4094

Conference Abstracts

2012 International peatland congress (Stockholm, Sweden)
– Carbon budgets from a field scale manipulation experiment: the effect of climate change an raised bogs, oral presentation
2012 CAPER conference (Newcastle, UK)
– The compound effects of climate change and pollution on peatbogs: an introduction to the PEATBOG project, oral presentation
2012 Countryside management in ecosystem services (Manchester, UK)
– Invited speaker, Evaluation of the evidence base for ecosystem services – case study from carbon balance of bogs, oral presentation
2011 BES annual meeting (Sheffield, UK)
– Invited speaker on the link between gaseous carbon fluxes and peatland restoration, field trip, oral presentation
2010 CCW Peatlands Conference. Raised Mire Research and Restoration : Making the Link (Aberystwyth, UK)
– The PEATBOG project : investigating potential climate change impacts on raised mires with varying local conditions, Oral presentation
2009 Biogeomon (Stockholm, Sweden)
– The effectiveness of different restoration techniques on heavily eroded peat Poster presentation
– The effects of burning on long term gaseous and fluvial carbon fluxes and the use of fire and heather cutting as carbon management techniques, Oral presentation
2008 FiRES seminar (Manchester, UK)
– Measuring carbon fluxes and soil pore water properties on a wildfire site, Poster presentation
2008 Moors for the future conference (Castleton, UK)
– Carbon benefits of moorland restoration, Oral presentation
2008 EGU (Vienna, Austria)
– A new mechanism for dissolved and gaseous carbon dioxide production in peat, Oral presentation
– Restoring peatlands to carbon sinks, Poster presentation
2007 Moor for the future conference (Bakewell, UK)
– Current research on upland restoration, Oral presentation
2007 First International Symposium on Carbon in Peatlands
– Carbon release from different restoration techniques on a wildfire site, Poster presentation
2007 Moors for the future conference (Bakewell, UK)
– Monitoring carbon fluxes from restored and wildfire sites, Oral presentation
2006 EGU (Vienna, Austria)
– Calculating excess partial pressure in acidic conditions, Poster presentation
– Carbon dioxide release from drained upland peat and its implications for climate change, Poster presentation
2005 EGU (Vienna, Austria)
– Carbon dioxide release from drained upland peat, Poster presentation
– Dissolved gas fluxes from a managed upland peat Poster presentation
2004 EGU (Vienna, Austria)
– Gas fluxes from managed upland catchments, Poster presentation
– Dissolved gas fluxes from a managed upland catchment, Poster presentation
2003 EGU (Nice, France)
– Gas fluxes from managed upland catchments, Oral presentation

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