Dr Claire Jones


  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (PGCTHE), UK, 2014
  • PhD, University of Liverpool, Holocene stand-scale forest dynamics of the British Isles, 2011
  • MSc, University of Liverpool, Environment and Climate Change, 2006
  • BSc (Hons), University of Liverpool, Geology and Physical Geography , 2005


My primary research activity is the investigation of long-term vegetation dynamics and landscape change. This involves the use of palaeoecological techniques such as pollen and charcoal analysis. Knowledge of past vegetation structure and dynamics of a given area can then be used to aid management and conservation of contemporary vegetation systems (e.g. Forests).

Recent Publications

Bradshaw, R. H., Jones, C. S., Edwards, S. J. and Hannon, G. E. (2015) Forest continuity and conservation value in Western Europe. The Holocene, 25 (1). pp. 194-202. ISSN 0959-6836 DOI 10.1177/0959683614556378


I am currently leading a research project in collaboration with The Friends of Mill Wood and Alder Wood community group.  The main focus of the project is to investigate the Ancient Woodland status of Mill Wood primarily using palaeoecological techniques

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I currently supervise Bethan Price, MRes Physical Geography EHU student, researching vegetation change in the Cardiff Bay Wetland Reserve.  Undergraduate dissertation students supervised by myself past and present relate to vegetation change in a variety of spatial and temporal scales.  Projects have included woodland history with the application of palaeoecological techniques and historical data; and nature reserve management, with impacts on flora and environmental conditions.


GEO1032 Introducing Physical Geographies
GEO1033 Practising Physical Geographies
GEO1034 Geographical Skills
GEO1035 Geo.com
GEO1130 Science of the Physical Environment
GEO1131 Practising Environmental Science
GEO2060/2130 Research Methods in Geography/Environmental Science
GEO2062/2131Fieldwork in Geography/Environmental Science (Module Leader)
GEO2068 Biogeography (Module Leader)
GEO3055 Postglacial Environments (Module Leader)
GEO3060 Dissertation
GEO3061 Approaches and Concepts in Geography
GEO3100 Environmental Management

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