Research Seminar Series


27th September 2019: Helen Greaves (UCL) – Pond Restoration.

11th October 2019: What we did Last Summer – opportunity for staff and students to share their research.

25th October 2019: Ikenna Emmanuel (Durham University) – Ecogeomorphology of Gully-landslide interactions

6th December 2019: Joseph Williams (Durham University) – Human Geography theme

24th January 2020: Jane Bunting (University of Hull) – Palaeocology theme


Semester 1

28th September 2018 – What we did last Summer (Staff & Postgraduates)

5th October 2018 – Andrew Moore (WSP) Understanding Historical Lead Mining at Halkyn Mountain (Geology)

19th October 2018 – Richard Shirres ‘The United Nations: Working for Global Ecological Stewardship’       

26th October 2018 – Andy Davies (University of Liverpool) Title TBC (Human Geography)

2nd November 2018 – Angela Creevy (Edge Hill University) Peat bogs, trees and ‘wee’ small things’

16th November 2018 – Hannah Mossman (Manchester Metropolitan University) provisional title: ‘Can we create new saltmarshes’ 

23rd November 2018 – Bayes Ahmed (University College London) ‘Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh’

30th November 2018 – Jane Bunting (University of Hull) Beyond the pollen diagram: using pollen data to reconstruct maps of past land cover (Physical Geography)

Semester 2

1st February 2019 – James Lawrence (Imperial College London) Title TBC (Geology)

8th February 2019 – Simon Caporn (Manchester Metropolitan University) Title TBC (physical Geography)

15th February 2019 – Nicholas O’Keefe (Edge Hill University) TBC (Physical Geography)

22nd February 2019 – Tom Bishop (University of Manchester) Title TBC (Physical Geography)

15th March 2019 – Sally Cawood (University of Leeds) TBC (Human Geography)

29th March 2019 – Peter Atkinson (Lancaster University) TBC (Spatial Data Science)