The Department of Geography and Geology recently participated in the Sefton Launch of the Liverpool City Region ‘Year of Environment 2019’. The event took place on 31st May at the Southport Eco Centre and was organised by Sefton Council.

Additional to research undertaken by the Department, the event hosted a whole range of educational, management, and outreach programmes by colleagues from a wide variety of agencies, including Green Sefton, the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency amongst others.

Dan Knight, Graduate Teaching Assistant at Edge Hill University, said:

Thank you to the Southport Eco Centre for hosting us. It was a great day with lots of people interested in the research that the department has been/is currently involved in along the Sefton Coast.  

The Department of Geography and Geology display included some ‘cool science stuff’ including 3D models of the famous ‘Devil’s Hole’ blowout and other sections of the Sefton Dunes, as well as up-dates on the exciting research undertaken by our world-leading academic staff.

Professor Irene Delgado-Fernandez, from Edge Hill University said:

People are attracted to coasts, with many communities today living right near the coastline all around the world. If uncontrolled, human pressure on coastal systems can lead to ecosystem degradation and the destruction of coastal environments. This in turn can decrease the resilience of our coastlines, especially in the context of climate change and sea-level rise, hence increasing the vulnerability of those coastal communities and human infrastructure that are on the way.

The coastal team at Edge Hill conducts world-leading research on a variety of coastal environments such as coastal dunes, marshes and rocky coasts. Our aim is to understand how these form, evolve and adapt to changes in environmental forcing variables. We use a range of methods to do this, including state-of-the-art computational modelling, remote sensing, and advanced fieldwork techniques. Events such as the Sefton Launch of the 2019 Year of Environment are exciting opportunities for us to engage with local coastal communities such as those around Merseyside.

We look forward to participating in new events and will continue to celebrate our wonderful coastline and unique coastal dunes.