Dr Joanne Egan and PhD student Emma Readitt presented their research at the QRA ADM 2019 at The University of Chester. Joanne presented her research on “Postglacial diatom-climate responses in a small lake in the Pacific Northwest of North America” discussing diatom inferred Holocene climate variation and the possible link to the El Nino Southern Oscillation.  Emma presented her research on “Holocene Palaeotempestology and environmental change in the Gulf Coast, USA” discussing past hurricane events, the potential environmental impacts of these and possible links to hurricane intensity and climate change.

Annual Discussion Meetings are usually held every year over 2 to 3 days in early January. They are centred on a key scientific theme and draw national and international interest, with keynote speakers from around the world.

Emma Readitt and her poster on Holocene palaeotempestology.

Dr Joanne Egan presenting her research on postglacial diatom-climate responses.