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Cashless Catering with Upay

Upay is a fast and convenient way to pay for a range of catering service at Food at Edge Hill managed outlets. Most food items can be purchased using your Upay account. Alcohol and certain confectionery items are exempt therefore these items will need to be purchased separately.

Benefits of registration:

  • Use your UniCard to make payments
  • Manage your account online or via the free Upay apps
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Loyalty points for a range of food and drinks
  • Discount of up to 20% on specified items (Variable across product range)
  • Live account balance
  • Itemised statements
  • Easily top-up your account as you go or set up auto top-ups or confirm the level of top-up you would wish to automate.
  • You can top up your card on the go using your mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Safer than cash. If lost or stolen, you can log into your account and block the card or go to the FM Helpdesk and they will issue a new card which will block your lost card.

How to Register for Upay

To Top Up

Once registered it can be topped up via the website or the smartphone app using your credit/debit card with your desired amount of cash. The balance will remain in your Upay account until you require it. The minimum top-up amount is £5. More Information https://www.upay.co.uk.

For parents who wish to top up their son/daughter’s account, please ensure that you have their current log in details. This will be a username (email address) and password. To comply with payment card industry data security standards, passwords expire every 90 days (Please note – Password expiry does not affect auto top up).

Upay Questions

Q. Are there minimum/maximum spends when paying with my Upay card?
A. No minimum or maximum spends apply when paying with your Upay card.

Q. If my Upay/Unicard doesn’t work at the cash till who do I go to?
A. You will need to take your card to the Catering Support Office located in the Hub – in the seated area opposite the hot food servery, by the entrance from the front main building.

Q. Can my parents upload money on to my Upay/Unicard?
A. Yes. As long as they are provided with your log in and card details they will be able to use the Upay website to upload money on to your Upay account.


All food/shop outlets are currently operating cashless purchases only. If you do require cash, there are cash points located in the Hub on the central campus and by the Security Lodge located at the visitors entrance.


Pay quicker at all Food at Edge Hill outlets using your contactless card (Max spend £45).

Apple Pay

Simply tap your iphone at any Food at Edge Hill outlet to pay for your purchase.

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