Damage Deposit

Damage Deposit Price List

This list provides guidance of the minimum charges that apply in the event of damage/breakages, etc.

Accommodation A refers to the following Halls of Residence:

  • Graduates Court
  • Founders Court
  • Chancellors Court
  • Chancellors Court South
  • Palatine Court
  • Woodland Court

Accommodation B refers to the following Halls of Residence:

  • Back Halls
  • Main Building
  • Forest Court

All refers to and includes all Halls of Residence.  All charges exclude delivery, fitting, administration charges and VAT where applicable.  Please note these are minimum charges and are a guideline only.

Bedroom Price List Accommodation A

(Graduates, Founders, Chancellors, Palatine, Woodland)

Accommodation B

(Back Halls, Main Building, Forest Court)

Desk Chair £109.73 £80.04
Bed Base £123.75
Mattress £91.25
Desk Lamp £11.02
Desk £243.75
Bookcase £199.88
Large 3 drawer chest £225.00
Small 3 drawer chest £136.25
Wardrobe £268.75
Lamp Shade £3.83
Shower Curtains £6.00
Waste Bin £6.50
White Board (Room Number) £20.00
Kitchen Price List Accommodation A

(Graduates, Founders, Chancellors, Palatine, Woodland)

Accommodation B

(Back Halls, Main Building, Forest Court)

Microwave £205.00 £78.75
Microwave (Combi) £90.82
Kettle £88.69 £11.25
Larder Fridge £150.00
Mini Fridge £262.50
Under Counter Freezer £301.66
Freezer/Fridge Shelves £22.00
Tall Fridge Freezer £343.75
Vacuum Cleaner £130.00
Kitchen Roller Blind £112.25
Cooker £312.50
Cooker Electric Double Fan Oven £590.53
Induction Hob £600.00
Ironing Board £20.83
Ironing Board Cover £6.00
Iron £14.25
Toaster £215.00 £13.75
Kitchen Chair £109.73
Bar Stool £198.00

General Cleaning and Maintenance



Additional Cleaning (standard) £40.14
Additional Cleaning (en-suite) £60.22
Additional Cleaning (kitchen) £90.34
Additional Cleaning (corridors/stairs) £20.07
Removal of egg/food stuff from windows/walls/doors From £40.00
Curtains (renew or replace) From £65.00
Carpets From £40.00
Removal of graffiti From £40.00
Full decoration of bedroom (paintwork, walls, etc) £376.31
Redecoration of window sill £15.17
Redecoration of one wall (emulsion only ) £51.82
Redecoration of door £15.05
Redecoration of en-suite walls £99.50
Redecoration of ceiling £51.82
Redecoration of notice board £15.05
Redecoration of common room (paintwork, walls, etc) £376.31
Redecoration of radiator As per quote
Removal of Items not belonging to Edge Hill University
Excess rubbish after vacation of room £9.00 per bag/box
Excess rubbish and or re-cycling rubbish in communal areas £9.00 per bag/box
Removal of posters, blue tac, fairy lights and other small items £9.00
Removal of televisions/computers £56.15
Removal of furniture not belonging to Edge Hill £9.00 per item
Removal of traffic cones £9.00 per item
Removal of shopping trolley £9.00 per item
Removal of bicycle £9.00 per item
Removal of bottles (build up) £0.70 per bottle
Removal of old food stuff from kitchen after vacation From £40.00
Structural Damage
Replace notice board £68.88
Replace standard door, inclusive of decoration As per quote
Replace wardrobe door As per quote
Replace centre light (bedroom) £61.62
Replace shower screen As per quote
Replace shower base As per quote
Replace wash hand basin As per quote
Replace toilet seat As per quote
Replace tiles (en-suite) As per quote
Replace ceiling tiles As per quote
Replacement lock change £51.00
Replacement pass/fobs £10.00
Workstation damage As per quote
Replace complete fluorescent fitting £107.37
Replace centre light (bedroom) £61.62
Replace shaver light £55.40
Replace light switch £20.05
Replace socket outlet £21.35
Fire Extinguishers/Equipment
Replace fire extinguisher:
Replace 6 litre foam £29.10
Replace 2kg CO2 £31.15
Replace 9kg powder £38.70
Replace 9 litre water £26.50
Refill fire extinguisher:
Refill 6 litre foam £11.15
Refill 2kg CO2 £9.70
Refill powder As per quote
Refill 9 litre water £7.95
Replace fire blanket £10.50
Replace smoke detector head As per quote
Replacement Carpets
Accommodation Price
Main Building £357.55
Forest Court £356.93
Back Halls £286.53
Founders/Graduates/Chancellors Court £462.88
Carpet Tile (per tile) £8.00
Communal Areas Accommodation A Accommodation B All
Sofa £200.00
Coffee table £110.00
Chairs £105.00
55 Inch TV £565.00
Curtains £130.00
Blinds £85.00
Stool £119.00
Bucket Chair £179.00
Dining Chair £45.00
Dining Table £219.00
Picture £525.00
Mirror £118.00
Side board £449.00
Coat rack £63.00
Wall decorations £79.00
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