Tuition Fee Loans

How do I apply for a Tuition Fee Loan?

Tuition fee loans are available from the Student Loans Company (SLC). You may apply for a tuition fee loan up to nine months from the commencement date of your programme

Subject to previous study, full-time undergraduate and PGCE students and part-time students commencing study after September 2012 can apply for help with payment of tuition fees.  Your tuition fee will be paid direct to the University, by the SLC, on your behalf.

In addition to a tuition fee loan, full-time undergraduate and PGCE students may also apply for help with living costs in the form of a maintenance loan and maintenance/special support grant during their time at University. Funding and application processes vary depending on whether you normally reside in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or the EU.  To make an application please visit:

Student Finance England 0300 100 0607

Student Finance Wales 0300 200 4050

Student Finance Northern Ireland 0300 100 0077

Student Awards Agency for Scotland 0300 555 0505

Student Finance EU 0141 243 3570

If you intend to fund your studies through a tuition fee loan and haven’t applied for this you need to do so as a matter of urgency.  Although you may apply for a tuition fee loan up to nine months from the commencement date of your programme, the University will seek to review your registration if it is not satisfied you have taken immediate steps to arrange for payment of your tuition fee.

Please ensure you sign and return your declaration to Student Finance. Payment will be withheld by the SLC until this has been received and processed.
You must provide the University with a copy of your ‘University or College Payment Advice Notification’ from Student Finance. After enrolment please hand this to Academic Registry, located in the Student Information Centre Ormskirk campus or, into the office at the Manchester campus as soon as possible. The University will require this document to confirm your registration and initiate your fundingA delay in providing this documentation may lead to your access to resources being stopped and your programme registration may also be reviewed.

If you have chosen not to take out a tuition fee loan, or do not satisfy the requirements for a tuition fee loan, you will be regarded as self-financing and will be required to pay your tuition fees in accordance with the payment terms of the University.

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