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‘Food for Thought’ is a response to a huge shift in consumer demands, as more and more people consider animal rights when making dietary choices. Veganuary 2018 was a record breaking event, with over 150,000 people worldwide taking part, and articles and trending stories have become ubiquitous on our daily social media.

This year will also see the University’s own Dr Richard Twine and Professor Claire Parkinson, from the Centre for Human-Animal Studies (CfHAS), conduct research into effective vegan advocacy. The project is the first of its kind, and will explore the barriers to veganism.

The food festival will take place alongside a programme of stimulating events which take a look at themes of ‘Modern Feminism’ and ‘Individual Equalities’, relating to the Festival of Ideas overarching theme of Equalities.

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Saturday 2nd June

Exploring the Suffragette Movement and Modern Feminism

2018 marks 100 years since the 1918 Representation of the People Act was passed and gave women of a certain criteria the right to vote in the UK. It was a change which sparked others. In 1928 another Act gave women the vote at 21, equal to men, and in 1969 the voting age for both sexes was lowered. Today anyone over 18 can vote in the UK, and there are moves to enfranchise and empower younger people too.

To celebrate the centenary of Women’s suffrage, Wonder Women have hosted, and continue to host, a series of events, installations and activities across campus throughout 2018.

The first day of our vegan fair ‘Food for Thought’ will continue these celebrations, with a whole day of events exploring the historical, political and cultural impact of suffrage and modern feminism.


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Sunday 3rd June

Exploring Individual Equalities

The second day of ‘Food for Thought’ will explore the possibility of an egalitarian society by examining how we relate to one another and the impact of our choices upon culture, politics and the environment. The day will also explore the Arts for Wellbeing Research and its key focus on equal access and treatment for people from all walks of life.

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Centre for Human Animal Studies

Academics conduct research to help people become vegan

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