We’re here to help you in Clearing this summer

We’re here to help you in Clearing this summer

Since the pandemic began, nobody could have predicted the challenges and uncertainties we would face, impacting almost every aspect of ‘normal life’ as we know it.

These uncertain times may have left you feeling concerned about the grades you might receive, but there’s no need to worry – universities are here to guide you through your journey to higher education, whatever path that may take, ensuring you make an informed decision to find the course and university that’s right for you.

Clearing is your opportunity

We understand you may be worried about your grades without sitting your final exams, but, trust us, you shouldn’t be. There are plenty of opportunities out there if you don’t get the grades you expected. Clearing is now open and offers students the chance to secure their place at university this September, closing a week before term starts, or once a course is full. If you find yourself not holding any offers, Clearing can open a world of new and exciting opportunities to re-evaluate your options. If you’ve turned down an offer from a university previously, they may be pleased to reconsider you. Or perhaps you’ve accepted an offer, but these unprecedented times have left you reconsidering your options about what and where to study.

Clearing gives you the freedom to change your mind. The world may suddenly become your oyster. Whichever situation you may find yourself in, we have a series of short guides that outline your options explaining how to secure your place this September. Think of Clearing as an awesome opportunity. Your opportunity.

Get a head start

Instead of worrying between now and results day, why not put this extra time to good use and reflect on your choices. If you’re not sure you’ll get the grades, it’s worth seeing which universities offer the same or similar courses that have slightly lower entry requirements than your predicted grades. Do your research. You could start by revisiting those institutions which didn’t make your top five choices earlier in the year or discover somewhere entirely new. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to feel prepared. Having a back-up plan and knowing what to do will alleviate some of those concerns you might have.

As soon as you have your grades, which most of you will receive on Tuesday 10 August, rest assured you can contact us to help guide you through your next steps. We’re here to help build your dreams and make the right decision for you.

New goals, new horizons

Clearing isn’t just an opportunity to reassess your options. It’s a chance to re-define your goals and re-evaluate your future. What if your results are better than you expected? If you’ve exceeded the conditions of your offer, you may consider Adjustment. Adjustment could be your opportunity to not only swap your firm choice university and course but consider an entirely new subject or career path. The possibilities could be endless. If you’re curious, take a look at what’s out there. Virtual Open Days are a great place to start.

We’ll be able to provide instant decisions to most enquirers on results day and talk you through the Adjustment process. So, why worry? This could be your opportunity to take a chance and see where a new path could lead you.

No application? No problem

You don’t need to have already applied through UCAS to apply to university through Clearing. Many students go to university direct through Clearing, bypassing the main application period altogether. How great does that sound? No personal statements, no interviews. It may sound easy and too good to be true, but it really is that simple. In these current circumstances, where the future seems a little unknown, you may have found yourself contemplating university when you haven’t considered it before. Don’t feel like you have missed your chance if you’ve just decided university could be the right path for you after all. There’s still time to make a choice – and we’re here to help you make the right one for you.

Just ensure you have your results to hand on the day and some idea of what you want to study, and we’ll help match you to a course that’s right for you.

A place to learn and grow

Whatever these coming weeks and months bring, one thing you can be sure of is that we are here to support you during Clearing and beyond. At Edge Hill University, you’ll discover a home from home with a caring and friendly community on your doorstep, with access to some of the best resources in higher education to help you learn, grow and achieve your full potential.

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