Career Enhancing Opportunities – Mental Health and Counselling

Career Enhancing Opportunities – Mental Health and Counselling

Adaptability. Analytical skills. Communication skills. Decision making. Flexibility. Initiative. Innovation. You will gain the key transferable graduate skills essential to broaden your education and enhance your employability.

You will experience and learn from real stories which will significantly enhance your learning and understanding of how to support individuals, families and groups.

On our Mental Health courses, there may also be opportunities to take part in additional activities. These could include participating in Mental Health First Aid training, as well as training in parenting, in order to further enhance your employability.

Across our Counselling and Psychotherapy programmes, you will learn through a varied, inclusive and person-centred approach, reflecting on your own and your peers’ experiences through participation in a personal development group. Your personal development is so important that we will provide an individual budget of £500 to enable you to enrich your learning by accessing your own personal therapy.

“I enjoy the practical side of the degree. We do a lot of ‘circle work’ where we experience group therapy and counsel each other. Volunteers also came in to be counselled and that was a real eye opener. It was the first time I’d practised on real people with their own issues that they wanted to talk about. It was hard to keep an emotional distance and remain professional as there were a lot of tears and I just wanted to give them a hug! It made me realise how tough being a counsellor can be as well as how rewarding. I learnt so much in that one day. I came away with an even greater passion and drive to make this my career.”

Christina Searson
BSc (Hons) Critical Approaches to Counselling & Psychotherapy

“I’d never had the opportunity to work with children before I came to university, so I was pleased – and a bit nervous – to get a placement with a youth group in Wigan in my second year. I worked with children with a range of abilities who were struggling with anxiety and depression. I really enjoyed getting them to engage with me and helping them find coping strategies. It was hard at first but I had lots of support from my placement mentor who helped me tailor my communication to suit each individual child.”

Emily Taggart
BSc (Hons) Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing

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