Prof George Talbot

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Dean of Arts & Sciences

Prof George Talbot

Prof George Talbot

George Talbot is a professor of Italian, with active research interests in modern history, literature and culture. He has worked at Dublin City University (1991-94) and at the University of Hull (1994-2010), where latterly he was Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, leading the Faculty through phases of expansion, growth and consolidation, in which it enhanced its academic reputation and its financial performance.

He is a member of the AHRC Peer Review College and of the international editorial board of the Troubador series of publications in Italian Studies. George joined Edge Hill in 2010.

Selected Publications


  • Irma Brandeis, MacGregor’s Island and Other Stories, edited by G. Talbot and M. Sonzogni (Leicester & New York: Troubador, 2013) ISBN: 9781780883809
  • Censorship in Fascist Italy, 1922-43 (London: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2007)
  • Essays in Italian Literature and History, edited by G. R. Talbot and P. A. Williams (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2002)
  • Essays in Language, Translation and the Digital Learning Technologies, edited by G. R. Talbot and P. A. Williams (Market Harborough: Matador, 2002)
  • Lord Charlemont’s History of Italian Poetry from Dante to Metastasio, edited by George Talbot, 3 vols, with a Foreword by Prof. Peter Brand, (Lewiston NY-Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press Historical Texts and Manuscripts series, 2000)
  • Selected Poems of Eugenio Montale, edited by George Talbot (Dublin: Belfield Italian Texts, 2000)
  • Montale’s ‘mestiere vile’: The Elective Translations from English of the 1930s and 1940s (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1995)


  • ‘Lord Charlemont’s Dante: A Whig Interpretation of Dante at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century’, in Dante and the Long Nineteenth Century, ed. by Aida Audeh and Nick Havely (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012), pp. 305-32
  • ‘Montale’s I miraggi as Nostalgia for Modernism’, Italian Studies, 67 (2012), 96—108,
  • ‘Carlo Linati e la ricezione italiana delle opere di John M. Synge’, Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies, 11 (2011), 131-47
  • ‘Montale fra i miraggi e i paesaggi’, in ‘Credo non esista nulla di simile al mondo’. Paesaggio ligure e paesaggi internori nella poesia di Montale. Atti del convegno internazionale Riomaggiore–Monterosso (La Spezia), 11–13 dicembre 2009, edited by Paola Polito and Antonio Zollino (Florence: Olschki, 2011), pp. 119–29, (ISBN: 978-88-222-6109-0)
  • ‘Linati e Synge’, Terra Insubre. Supplement Atti della giornata di studio Carlo Linati tra Irish Renaissance e rivoluzione joyciana, Varese, 29 maggio 2010, 56 (2010), 15, XIX–XXIX
  • ‘Misteri d’autobiografismo!: Montale’s seaside palimpsests’, The Italianist,29 (2009), i, 69-87
  • ‘Alberto Moravia and Italian Fascism: Censorship, Racism and Le ambizioni sbagliate’, Modern Italy 11 (2006), 2, 127-45
  • ‘Italian Film Culture in the English-speaking World: Translations and Transpositions’, in Italian Culture: Interactions, Transpositions, Translations, edited by C. Salvadori, C. Ó Cuilleanáin and J. Scattergood (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2006), pp. 197-211
  • ‘A Micro-History of Censorship in Fascist Italy: the case of Henry Furst’, in Censorship, Culture and the State in Twentieth-Century Italy, edited by G. Bonsaver and R. Gordon (Oxford: Legenda, 2005), pp. 86-95
  • ‘Unpublished letters from Henry Furst to Benedetto Croce’, Italian Studies 60 (2004), 112-131
  • ‘Montale’s critical friendship with Henry Furst’, Spunti e ricerche 17 (2002), 65-80


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