Punk Suffrage

In collaboration with The Pankhurst Trust and with the Wonder Women Campaign: ‘Punk Suffrage’: musical director Clare Chandler and choreographer Deborah Norris in conversation with Dr Mari Hughes-Edwards.

Gender Equality and Modernity?

Gender equality is often claimed as a core value of modern or Western society.  As we celebrate the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, Professor Anne Phillips of the London School of Economics provides a moment to reflect on just how much credence we can give to that claim.

Votes for Women? Don’t Make Me Laugh

This exhibition will enable visitors to view a selection of the cartoons, hear from experts, and discuss how successfully the messages were conveyed.

Fabric of Protest

Come and take part in an artist-led, family-friendly workshop that will encourage creativity as well as enable you to express your views on issues that you feel strongly about.

Wonder Women Launch Event

Throughout 2018 Edge Hill University will celebrate the victory of those who campaigned for Votes for Women and will ask what more needs to be done to make sure that everyone can reach their potential and break through barriers.