Power to the People? Devolution: What Next?

The first elected Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram, is the former MP for Liverpool Walton, and joins us to explore the health of the current devolution arrangements, and what more might, or should, be done.

Unite or Unravel? The Future of the European Union

Following a series of global crises, the increasingly uncertain future of the European Union, and Europe itself, has generated an important academic debate. Will the European Union survive? If so, in what shape? If not, will anything replace it?

Votes for Women? Don’t Make Me Laugh

This exhibition will enable visitors to view a selection of the cartoons, hear from experts, and discuss how successfully the messages were conveyed.

Guest Lecture – Dr Murali Krishna

Attempted suicide in Southern India. Attitudes, stigma, and interventions, a joint project funded by THE Tropical Health Education Trust (THET)