Regenerative River Republic and Education for Thrivability

Resilience, Sustainability and wellbeing wheel diagram

The Manchester-Mersey bioregion arguably needs a joined-up approach to One Planet thinking for two city regions in a way that builds on the legacy of the Mersey basin Campaign and current catchment-based approach of the Mersey Rivers Trust. In this webinar, Dr Tim Saunders (EHU Department for Children, Education and Communities) envisions a Regenerative River Republic with a bioregional meta-pedagogy that seeks to integrate education for Wellbeing, Resilience and Sustainability, which he calls Education for Thrivability.

What Makes for Good Community Cohesion? Lessons from Windrush

Crowd of young and elderly men and women in trendy hipster clothes. Diverse group of stylish people standing together. Society or population, social diversity. Flat cartoon vector illustration.

A series of changes to immigration and nationality laws since 1948 culminated in the ‘Windrush Scandal’ in 2018. The Wendy Williams ‘Windrush Lessons Learned Review’ states there has been harm done to the African Caribbean community as a whole and the question, therefore, arises what is the harm, but more importantly, what can be done to repair the damage to community cohesion? This event is part of ISR’s ‘What Makes A Good Society?’ series which is intended to engage the public, professionals and practitioners as well as academics.