Z-List, Dead List – Iszi Lawrence

Event information: Stand-up comedian Iszi Lawrence (presenter of Radio 4’s ‘Making History’ & the ‘British Museum Membercast’) hosts a comedy show about obscure figures from history featuring Greg Jenner (chief historian for the Horrible Histories TV show) and researchers from Edge Hill University

We Are Not Amused! Laughter in the Nineteenth Century

We Are Not Amused will open with a day of family friendly activities and comedy performances where visitors can unearth old jokes from original Victorian joke books, or try their hand at cartooning and joke-writing

To Have To Shoot Irishmen

Easter morning, 1916. Gunshots ring out in the Dublin streets. In her suburban sitting-room Hanna prepares for revolution. While Frank walks through the crowds calling for peace, John walks through his nightmares of the trenches, sees a city soaked in blood.

British Crime Historians Symposium

This conference is a forum for discussion, debate and the presentation of research for all aspects of the history of crime, law, justice, punishment and social regulation.