Festival of Ideas: A Celebration of 60 Years of Trinity Girls Brass Band

23rd Oct 2019, 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Edge Hill University

This year marks the 60th anniversary year for the band which is still the only all-female contesting Brass Band in the UK. The concert will feature a wide range of musical genres ranging from a classical overture, traditional brass band marches and band repertoire and well-loved tunes from stage and screen.

Trinity Girls Brass Band was established in 1959 in Downall Green, less than 15 miles from Edge Hill University. Like the University, it was the first organisation of its kind to be established solely for women/girls at a time when there were scarcely any opportunities for girls to learn and play brass instruments, despite the Brass Band Movement being well established throughout the UK and the North of England in particular.

The band has competed in regional and national brass band contests for most of its life, achieving significant success at regional level and winning third prize in the National Championships in 2012. They also contribute to the local community through performing concerts and marching in parades at all kinds of venues and for a wide range of different occasions, including civic events such as performing for the Queen when she visited Wigan in recent years.

This is a FREE event, open to the public (registration is essential).

This event is part of Edge Hill University’s annual Festival of Ideas.   Programmed by the University’s three Research Institutes, ISR, ICE and HRI, this year the festival will explore the theme of Exchanges: Creativity, Community, Curiosity.

The exchange of ideas is the fuel of the knowledge and creative economy. Locally, nationally and internationally we are all involved in sharing concepts, swapping insights, and trading opinions. This year’s festival explores communication, reciprocity, and transactions in all areas, from policy making to healthcare, social enterprise to cultural production. Be the exchange you want to see

More information about the festival and the full programme of events is available here