Festival of Ideas: The Mother of All Pain

15th Oct 2019, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine

In this workshop, delegates will engage with a shortened version of our sound and light installation, explore somatic movement, contribute to artwork, and engage in a play we have written about pain and propose alternative directions and endings.

Key contributors

  • Bernie Carter, Professor of Children’s Nursing, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine, Edge Hill University
  • Rob Young, Artist and Writer
  • Emma Meehan, Research Fellow, Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University

Pain is a conundrum. Everyone knows what it is, yet every pain is unique. You cannot examine, weigh or compare it. It is as elusive as it is universal. So how do we talk about pain?

To open up this conversation, we invite you to a multi-modal workshop to explore to pain. Our starting point is research into how society’s most vulnerable communicate pain, without the luxury of language. We then broaden this out to a wider provocation in a bid to understand this dark yet fascinating subject. A unique collaboration between the heart of a nurse, the brain of an artist, and the movement of a dancer to challenge, engage and welcome people into this deeply private world.

A new view of an old foe to intrigue the curious.

Book your place at FOHSCEvents@edgehill.ac.uk

This event is part of Edge Hill University’s annual Festival of Ideas.   Programmed by the University’s three Research Institutes, ISR, ICE and HRI, this year the festival will explore the theme of Exchanges: Creativity, Community, Curiosity.

The exchange of ideas is the fuel of the knowledge and creative economy. Locally, nationally and internationally we are all involved in sharing concepts, swapping insights, and trading opinions. This year’s festival explores communication, reciprocity, and transactions in all areas, from policy making to healthcare, social enterprise to cultural production. Be the exchange you want to see.

More information about the festival and the full programme of events is available here