Changing Behaviour to Improve Health: Towards the Future

5th Jun 2018, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine

Susan Michie is Professor of Health Psychology and Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change at UCL. Susan’s research focuses on developing the science of behaviour change interventions and applying behavioural science to interventions. She works with a wide range of disciplines, practitioners and policy-makers and holds grants from a large number of organisations including the Wellcome Trust, National Institute of Health Research, Economic and Social Research Council and Cancer Research UK.

In this public lecture Professor Susan Michie will discuss how understanding and changing patterns of behaviour are key to promoting health and well-being. As well as preventing illness and disability, efficient and equitable delivery of services, and a productive economy and a sustainable environment. She will demonstrate how we need more systematic and sophisticated methods for analysing problems and developing interventions on the basis of those analyses.

Part of the discussion will focus on the research from her project with the Wellcome Trust: The Human Behaviour Change Project (HBCP). The project seeks to build an Artificial Intelligence system to continually scan the world literature on behaviour change, extract key information, and use this to build and update a model of human behaviour to answer the big question: ‘What behaviour change interventions work, how well, for whom, in what setting, for what behaviours and why?’


  • 5.30pm – Arrival & Registration
  • 6.00pm – Welcome (Dr Andy Levy/Professor Rod Nicholson)
  • 6.05pm – Speaker Presentation
  • 6.50pm – Q & A


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