Law and Criminology Guest Speaker Programme: Dr Gabe Mythen

30th Mar 2011, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Edge Hill University

‘Identity, Counter-Terrorism and Partial Securities’

A series of thought-provoking lectures by leading law academics and commentators are taking place at Edge Hill University in Spring 2011 as part of the Department of Law and Criminology’s Guest Speaker Programme.

Papers will cover a range of subjects, including the Lisbon Treaty and National Parliaments, European Union Citizenship, justice and security, labour law and the professional football player, and victims of crime.

The event on Wednesday 30th March 2011 is titled ‘Identity, Counter-Terrorism and Partial Securities’ and is presented by Dr Gabe Mythen from the University of Liverpool.

Over the last decade, issues of identity and security have become topics of media speculation and widespread public debate. The 9/11 and 7/7 attacks, coupled to the military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, have served as touchstones for discussion about the construction of religious, political and national identities amongst British Muslims in particular.

In the UK, young British Muslims continue to negotiate and maintain their individual and collective identities in an environment in which they are cast as a threat to national security whilst being simultaneously invited to align more readily with ‘core British values’. A series of studies have reported that being located in such a contradictory situation can engender feelings of frustration, resentment and injustice. Furthermore, the trend toward pre-emptive counter-terrorism policing and surveillance has led to ruptures in community relations between the police and Muslim communities.

Situated in this context, this paper analyses the reflections of a group of young British Pakistanis living in the North West of England. We elucidate three key issues which emerged in the course of our discussions, namely anger about the effects of counter terrorism legislation on Muslim communities, the formation of resistant identities and the partial nature of security as presently defined and applied in political, policy and legislative spheres.

This free talk takes place from 11am-12pm in Room B001 in the Business and Law building at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.

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