ISR Seminar Series: Why Do Students Skip Classes?

4th Mar 2020, 12:30pm - 1:45pm

Edge Hill University

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James Derounian, University of Gloucestershire National Teaching Fellow and Institute for Social Responsibility’s Visiting Fellow, leads an interactive seminar based on his recent research into why students skip classes.

This is a global issue affecting many university courses and James presents secondary and primary findings into whether “carrots” (rewards) or “sticks” are more effective in encouraging student attendance.

James Derounian is a Principal Lecturer in Community Engagement and Local Governance at the University of Gloucestershire.  He has undertaken consultancies for international (Romanian Historic Monuments’ Commission), national (Carnegie UK Trust) and local (Oxfordshire Rural Community Council) organisations. James has published articles regularly for the Guardian newspaper, on higher education and localism.

James completed the first off-mainland Neighbourhood Plan [NP] examination for Bembridge, Isle of Wight. He also took a key role in producing a NP for his hometown of Winchcombe, Gloustershire. These Neighbourhood Plans are created by local people for local people.  James has 38 years’ experience of working with (rural) communities across England – nationally, and as a project officer in Devon and Northumberland, on multi-agency regeneration partnerships.


  • 12.15pm – Registration and refreshments
  • 12.30pm – Event start
  • 1.45pm   –  Networking

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