“The rights of Workers, Migrant Workers and Trade Unions under the European Convention on Human Rights”

6th Dec 2019, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Law and Psychology

Judge Prof. Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque (European Court of Human Rights) on the occasion of the award of his Honorary Doctorate at Edge Hill University

On 14 January 2016 the Financial Times made the front page with a judgment of a chamber of the European Court of Human Rights, which limited significantly the right to privacy of workers in the workplace.  Professor Albuquerque’s opinion was mentioned as countering the chamber’s majority. Some months later, the FT published the final decision of the Grand Chamber, which reversed the chamber judgment and sided with Judge Albuquerque. This case is a vivid example of the huge social impact of the Strasbourg case law on labour issues. In a time of increasing commodification of workers and mounting pressure on trade unions, the European Court has reacted by setting progressive standards on the rights of workers, migrant workers and trade unions. This European case law is now under constant attack by some powerful governments and influential employers’ organizations. In his lectio magistralis, Professor Albuquerque will expand on some of the most delicate legal issues today under debate in Strasbourg, such as the negative impact of the austerity packages on the social rights of workers, the weakening of migrant workers’ protection and the charge against collective negotiation and the right to strike. Echoing his separate opinions delivered at the European Court, Professor Albuquerque will explain why the decline of the Social State is not irreversible and Social Justice can still be achieved through the European Convention on Human Rights.

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