ISR Knowledge Exchange Symposia: Imagining New Civic Interactions

8th Jan 2020, 10:00am - 1:00pm

Tanhouse Community Centre

This is a knowledge exchange event organised by the Institute of Social Responsibility (ISR) at Edge Hill University. It is an opportunity to hear from leading experts and participate in discussions on 3 of the major topics of the day:

  • Community Wealth Building
  • New Municipalism
  • The Civic University

Each of the topics focus on different aspects of the questions of how we can re-engineer our economy to bring about positive effects and add social value for the benefit of our communities.

New municipalism is a new form of politics that has been influenced by citizens’ movements and local activism. An important strand of this is community wealth building, which is increasingly recognised as a vital way for local communities to exercise influence over their local economies. It involves convincing big, ‘anchor’ institutions (and everyone else) to buy local, source local, and support new local enterprises that fill gaps in the supply chain. The university is one such institution, and in West Lancashire EHU is one of the three largest employers in the area and has a major economic impact in the area.

What happens, though, if we think about wealth not just in terms of money and economics, but in terms of democratic engagement and well-being? This ISR knowledge exchange event poses this question and more.

Join us for a morning of discussion, networking and debate. How could the university serve its local community more? How might community wealth building be taken forward in West Lancashire? What might that look like if we understood wealth in terms of democratic engagement and well-being and how could the university play a role in this?

The event builds on ISR and Edge Hill University’s existing ‘knowledge exchange’ partnerships in this area and aims to develop new ones.

Speakers include:

  • Neil McInroy, Chief Executive of CLES (Centre for Local Economic Strategies) and member of ISR’s External Advisory Group
  • Professor Victor Merriman, Edge Hill University
  • Dr Erica Lewis, Leader Lancaster City Council and Lecturer in Business and Management, Edge Hill University.

This event takes place at Tanhouse Community Centre, Skelmersdale. Lunch will be provided.


  • 9.45am – Guests arrival and registration
  • 10.00am – Welcome and introductions (led by Professor Jo Crotty, Director of ISR)
  • 10.10am – Speaker 1
  • 10.35am – Speaker 2
  • 11.00am – Coffee break
  • 11.15am – Speaker 3
  • 11.45am – Question time
  • 12.15pm – Small group discussions and Lunch provided by Junk Food Café
  • 12.50pm – Concluding remarks
  • 1.00pm – Close

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