Decolonising Pedagogies: black feminist reflections on race, faith and culture in higher education

29th Mar 2019, 12:45pm - 2:00pm


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Professor Heidi Mirza draws on black and postcolonial feminist perspectives to explore ways in which women of colour in higher education engage in ‘embodied’ work towards decolonising dominant knowledges and regimes of ‘diversity’ in higher education. In the context of the significant numbers of Muslim, Black and Asian students who are now entering British higher education she unpacks the ways in which ‘just being there’ can create spaces of contestation in our still overwhelmingly white and male universities. Drawing on her research on the pedagogic practices of teacher educators and their dilemmas of teaching race, faith and culture, Heidi searches for radical approaches which can offer us the possibility of transcending the ‘stuck’ institutional discourses of race equality and social inclusion in higher education.

Image result for heidi mirza uclHeidi Safia Mirza is Visiting Professor of Race, Faith and Culture at Goldsmith College, University of London and Emeritus Professor of Equalities Studies in Education at UCL Institute of Education. She is known for her pioneering intersectional research on race, gender and identity in education. She is author of several best-selling books including, Young Female and Black, which was voted in BERA’s top 40 most influential educational studies in Britain. Her other publications include Black British Feminism, Race Gender and Educational Desire: why black women succeed and fail, and Respecting Difference: race, faith, and culture for teacher educators. Her most recent co-edited book is Dismantling Race in Higher Education: racism, whiteness and decolonising the academy.

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1pm: Seminar