The Fall

4th Mar 2019, 10:00am - 8th Mar 2019, 6:00pm

The Arts Centre

Roger Hill in collaboration with Andy Hunt 
The Fall
Friday 1st – Friday 8th March

The moment a fall into the sea nearly ended a cultural adventure is brought into focus in ‘The Fall’. Liverpool-based artist and writer Roger Hill was nearing the end of a journey along the great Silk Road route across Asia in 2017 when a safety failure on a ferry in Baku led him to near-drowning in the Caspian Sea.

Roger had gathered a wealth of cultural material along his trans-continental journey from China to the Caspian and uses it, in association with sound-artist Andrew Hunt and video producer Danny Kilbride, to give some meaning to his experience in a specially installed space at The Arts Centre.

‘I felt that there was some connection between all the spaces I had encountered along the way – landscapes, mosques, cities, expos – ‘, says Hill, and the narrow space into which I fell that night. It was though an experience which realized some of my deepest childhood fears.’ The story of his progress, and eventual rescue, is the main strand of the presentation, but audiences to ‘The Fall’ will find themselves surrounded by the sights and sounds of Asia as Roger’s story unfolds.

The installation will be in the Arts Centre from 1st of March alongside a photographic exhibition by Roger’s transgender ‘other’, Mandy Romero, called ‘Strange Lands and How to Survive” which is a record of her transgender progress through the often illiberal republics of Central Asia.

Roger Hill
Roger Hill is a freelance director, performer, arts and education consultant, writer, lecturer and broadcaster. He has presented the nation’s longest running alternative music programme on BBC Radio Merseyside for 37 years.

He has taught Live Art practice area for Liverpool Hope University and the Royal Scottish Academy. His own Live Art work, as the performance “other”, Mandy Romero, has progressed through a number of projects and positions as Associate Live Artist at the Liverpool Bluecoat Arts Centre, an Arts Council Fellowship in Live Art based at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, a commission as part of the “Cities in Transition” programme in Liverpool, and work with Tate Liverpool. In 2007 he spent two months in China carrying out Live Art performance research in the Pearl River Delta and Shanghai.

Andrew PM Hunt
Andrew PM Hunt is a multi-instrumentalist and sound artist based in the North West of England whose creative work encompasses songwriting, arrangement, audio production and sound design.

As a singer and primary songwriter in art-rock band Outfit (Double Denim, Memphis Industries), he co-produced two critically acclaimed LPs which fused traditional songwriting with an evocative and detail driven experimental approach.

As a solo artist under the name Dialect he has produced three LPs of emotive and innovative electro-acoustic music.