Human-robot Social Interactions: The Future of Robotics and Automaton in Social Care

3rd Jun 2018, 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Tech Hub

Assistive care robots are targeted to help bring things to people or to control room temperature. Robotic wheelchairs or mobilisation devices help carry people from place to place. Social assistive robots provide companionship to elderly people. These robots are all meant to make the job easier and more efficient for care providers.

This seminar provides a rare opportunity to learn about different types of robots which could be engaged in social care, whether at home or in institutions, and to interact with Robbie the Nao robot.

Robbie the Nao robot is designed to entertain and interact with the public, and guests will be invited to have a go at controlling Robbie. Ask him to dance, get him to show you various healthy exercises, even ask him to imitate your movements. Robbie can recognise various household objects and even activities such as eating, drinking, reading, and talking on the phone. He can track your hands, body movements, respiratory rate and breathing patterns.

Dr Ardhendu Behera, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Edge Hill University, will discuss how these functions could be implemented into health care practices.


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