404 Ink on the Nasty Woman phenomenon

2nd Jun 2018, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Creative Edge

With intolerance and inequality increasingly normalised, it’s more important than ever to share real experiences and hold the truth to account in the midst of sensationalism and international political turmoil.

In response to this, Laura Jones and Heather McDaid, better known as 404 Ink, put together Nasty Women, a collection of essays, interviews and accounts on what it is to be a woman in the 21st century. Punk, pressure, politics, people – the collection covers a wide range, including working class experience,  racial divides in Trump’s America, being a child of immigrants to sexual assault, Brexit, pregnancy, contraception, identity, family, finding a voice online, and role models.

Described by acclaimed author Margaret Atwood as “an essential window into many of the hazard-strewn worlds younger women are living in right now”, Laura and Heather will discuss the process and reaction of the anthology. Joined by two of the anthology’s contributors, Joelle A. Owusu and Laura Waddell, and chaired by short fiction writer Claire Dean, the panel will deliberate on and challenge what it means to be a “nasty woman”.



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