Why Greater Equality for Better Mental Health is Everyone’s Business: Cross Sector Learning from Sport, Education and Public Health

23rd May 2018, 11:00am - 5:00pm

Business School

International evidence now convincingly demonstrates that societies which larger disparities of wealth have a higher rate of health and social problems. From surges in mental illness to substance abuse, inequality appears to directly affect the wellbeing of a society. Social stress, status differentiation, self-doubt, and narcissism play their part in weakening a sense of community and in turn, are a threat to mental health.

Bringing together representatives from across the public, private and voluntary sectors, the impact of inequalities on mental health, mental illness and suicide in local and national contexts will be examined. The discussions will explore the role played by sport, education and other cultural activities in contributing to improved mental health and suicide prevention, and in shaping government policy and public services related to mental health.

Practical strategies for tackling inequality, and improving mental health, will be assessed, as will the findings of on-going research currently being undertaken by researchers at Edge Hill University on sport, mental health and education.


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