Challenging Climate Change, and the Animal-Industrial Complex: From Education to Empathy

18th May 2018, 10:00am - 1:00pm

Faculty of Health and Social Care

Global farmed animal production is increasingly acknowledged as problematic with environmental pollution, greenhouse gas production, and human health impacts of consumption and labour.

This event will see Professor Claire Parkinson (Professor of Film, TV and Digital Media, Edge Hill University) and Dr Richard Twine (Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences, Edge Hill University) discuss the relationship between the animal-industrial complex and climate change.

It is estimated that the worst impacts of climate change will manifest within the second half of the century. At the heart of this event is the question of how we choose to educate children about issues which will directly affect them.

This talk will also consider the role empathy plays in addressing these issues and how popular culture intervenes. By thinking in more ethical ways this talk aims to broach the divide of our existence as citizens, rather than consumers of the world.


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