Movement skills: Fundamental to physical activity behaviour?

16th Apr 2018, 12:45pm - 2:00pm

Faculty of Education

Movement skills: Fundamental to physical activity behaviour? – Dr Lawrence Foweather, Liverpool John Moores University

Developing competence at fundamental movement skills like throwing, catching and running are considered important for participation in physical activity and contributes to elements of physical literacy. This talk will examine the health benefits of fundamental movement skill competence and explore whether these skills really are a necessary prerequisite to participate in physical activity. In addition, how can these skills be assessed and improved in practice? Finally, the talk will look to the physical literacy agenda and what a more holistic approach might mean for children, young people and educators.

Dr Lawrence Foweather is Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity, Exercise and Health within the Physical Activity Exchange and Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University. His on-going research interests include developing interventions and policy actions to promote physical activity and sport participation among children and families, with specific interests in physical literacy and sport for health. Most recently he has worked with Sport Wales and the Youth Sport Trust to develop assessments of movement and physical competence, and developed questions on physical literacy for the Sport England active lives survey. Dr Foweather has published over 25 scientific research articles and been involved with a number of large scale school-based physical activity and health interventions.

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