No, Donald, global warming is not an expensive hoax, see!

3rd Jun 2018 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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No, Donald, global warming is not an expensive hoax, See! – Professor Paul Alpin

Decades of scientific investigation have not yet succeeded in countering all climate change scepticism, but it can be hard to argue with a perfectly painted picture. Satellite sensors have been capturing images of the Earth for nearly 50 years, and image analysis can be unambiguous in mapping the rapidly changing nature of the Earth’s surface. This public lecture presents state-of-the-art, science and technology in the field of remote sensing, showing how advancing instrumentation and novel methodologies shed light on a range of environmental applications.

Commentary will also be made on the politics of climate change, who’s winning, who’s losing, and how your lifestyle choices are undermining your own green credentials. Finally, this is Geography, so expect some spectacular fieldwork visuals, including one lumbering creature’s determined, deadly and devastatingly slow assault on our four by four.