Book Launch – The Conflicted Mind, Geoff Beattie

1st Feb 2018 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Tech Hub

Human beings are paradoxical.  We think of ourselves as positive and fair-minded, but our behaviour lets us down. We are health conscious, yet we continue to smoke.  We love our family, but say terrible things to them.”

The Conflicted Mind explores how the conflicting subsystems of the human mind, one slow, deliberate and conscious, one fast, automatic and unconscious, operate together to such telling effect. In his latest book, Professor Geoff Beattie deconstructs classical social psychological research areas such as cognitive dissonance, obedience experiments and conflicting memories to shed new light on how the individual can make themselves aware of such processes in the mind.

Written in Professor Beattie’s distinct open and engaging style, The Conflicted Mind offers a groundbreaking perspective on why we act in the way we do, and is a fascinating resource for researchers, specialists, and students in the field, as well as the general reader.

Geoff appeared as the on-screen psychologist on 11 series of Big Brother in the U.K. Well known for bringing analyses of behaviour and nonverbal communication, to a more general audience, Geoff’s talent of explaining how psychology can be used by people in their everyday lives has seen him present a number of television series including BBC1 shows ‘Life’s Too Short’ and ‘Family SOS’. He has written extensively for newspapers and magazines, appeared as an expert commentator on global news programmes as well as contributing to Granta magazine over a number of years.


  • 5.30pm – Arrival and refreshments
  • 6.00pm – Lecture and Q&A
  • 7.15pm – Wine and canapés