JENGbA – Joint Enterprise: not guilty by association

30th Jan 2018, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Medical School

JENGbA – Joint Enterprise: not guilty by association Jan Cunliffe (JENGbA) JENGbA is a grassroots campaign run by volunteers and relatives of people who are serving mandatory life sentences for crimes committed by others. They relaunched their campaign at the House of Commons in November 2017 and this event provides an opportunity for experienced practitioners to deliver an up-to-date and informative session about their aims and developments in reforming the law.

We will be joined by Jan Cunliffe, a JENGbA Campaigner and the Mother of Jordan, a blind 15 year old who was convicted under the joint enterprise principle.

Drawing on skills, knowledge and personal experiences, this event will suggest and anticipate changes to the legal system and government policy. By doing so, it will provide a critical voice to the existing legal system, question the accountability of lawmakers and those working in the criminal justice system and explore issues of governance and responsibility to young people.

This event will also provide an opportunity for the dissemination of research and information about the joint enterprise doctrine.

Organised by the Psychosocial Analysis of Offending Behaviour Department (PAOB) in the Faculty of Health and Social Care, and sponsored by I4P, this event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.


  • 1.30pm – Registration
  • 2.00pm – Start
  • 3.30pm – Close