Workshop: Use of Butoh in Dance Movement Therapy

18th Nov 2017, 11:00am - 19th Nov 2017, 5:00pm

Performing Arts Centre

Dance of Inner Transformation

Butoh is based on Japanese culture, inspired by Zen, European and American modern dance, Surrealism, Dadaism and German expressionism. Butoh has been also called grotesque, shocking, poetic and mesmerizing. Butoh has a unique quality of “body archeology”, digging out something buried deep in the body, which seems to be a unique if compared to the other dance styles. “Butoh body” is like a personal body, other’s body and World’s body at the same time.

Butoh and dance movement therapy has similarities. That’s why dance movement therapy methods are used in the workshop. The workshop is based on philosophical assumptions of phenomenology and Zen.

There will be three main stages – warm up, movement and verbal part. Afterwards participants will be encouraged to make the final performance, based on the workshop themes and actions.

The main themes:

  • Clear perception – beginner’s mind (peripheral and focused vision).
  • Body as empty vessel (Ma space, body drawings).
  • Pre-movement before the movement.
  • Primal consciousness. Presence – quality of being.
  • Body archeology – animalistic skin, human’s evolution.
  • River under the river –  chaos and creativity.
  • Principle of Mirroring.

The main objectives of the workshop: to contact inner recourses through Butoh techniques; to increase body-mind interaction and personal well-being; to improve self-understanding and self-expression; to explore personal body image; to expand body movement understanding.