The Psychology of Language and Communication

23rd Jun 2017, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

The Arts Centre

The Psychology of Language and Communication – Professor Geoff Beattie

The language we use in everyday life reflects, signals and helps construct our personal and social identity, our sense of who we are and how we belong.

In this talk, Professor Geoff Beattie will uncover some of the less obvious ways in which language is used, focussing in detail on the more hidden aspects of the generation of linguistic utterances; pauses, hesitations, and the silences within turn-taking. Overlapping responses in conversations often go unnoticed but can send out powerful signals about our status, position, and identity. This psycholinguistic processing can significantly affect and influence important social processes within society.

This lecture will launch Geoff’s latest publication, The Psychology of Language and Communication written with Andrew Ellis and released by the Psychology Press & Routledge Classic Editions series. The books in this series are widely recognised as ‘timeless classics’ in the field of psychology. First published thirty years ago, The Psychology of Language and Communication was considered highly original and innovative, offering an approach which breaches conventional disciplinary boundaries. The book draws on elements from many sub-disciplines, including cognitive and social psychology, psycholinguistics and neuropsychology.

Geoff Beattie is Professor of Psychology at Edge Hill University and a prize winning author in the field of applied Social Psychology. Well known for bringing analyses of behaviour – particularly nonverbal communication – to a more general audience, Geoff was the on-screen psychologist for eleven series of Big Brother, amongst other TV appearances.

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