In Flux: The Queering of Race and Gender

21st Jun 2017, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Creative Edge

In Flux: The Queering of Race and Gender – Scent of an Orchid

Screening and Roundtable

Scent of an Orchid is a documentary which depicts the social construction of gender, race and identity, seen through the life and times of transgender Chinese actor, Zoe. Zoe’s vivid and intimate account of self-discovery echoes the experience of many transgender people, who Zoe says, often live a twilight existence. Interviews are intertwined with performance from Zoe’s semi-autobiographical play An Occasional Orchid, navigating through her multiple expressions of racial and gender identity. The documentary carries an important message, that gender and sexuality is not so easily defined or definitive.

Following the screening, the roundtable session will use Scent of an Orchid as context to explore the fluidity of identity and the performativity of race. The conversations will consider racial identity in performance; conformity to racial stereotypes in contrast with characters that masquerade another ethnicity.

Rosa Fong is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, director and Senior Lecturer at Edge Hill University. Her recent practice-led research focuses on memory, displacement, identity and performativity. Rosa will be joined at the roundtable by Dr Jenny Barrett, Reader in Film Studies and Popular Culture, and Dr Elena Boschi, Lecturer in Film and Television Studies. Jenny has published widely in the areas of racial representation, genre and gender, and Elena’s research and practice primarily focusses on the role of popular music in the representation of sexuality, gender, and class in Italian, Spanish, and British cinema.

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