Faculty of Education Research Seminar

12th May 2017, 1:00pm

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine


Leading the Use of Research and Evidence in Schools – Dr Chris Brown, UCL Institute


Engaging with research and evidence as part of a process of effective professional development has substantial benefits for both teacher practice and student outcomes. The purpose of this talk is to provide a better understanding of how school leaders and policy-makers might harness these benefits. Drawing on a range of methodologies and theoretical approaches, ranging from social network analysis to expertise; and drawing on notions of learning communities, knowledge creation, trust and informal leadership, Dr Brown outlines the range of factors and challenges that need to be juggled and tackled in order make research use in schools a reality.

Dr Chris Brown is a Senior Lecturer at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning, UCL Institute of Education. With a long-standing interest in how evidence can aid teaching practice, he has written four books and several papers, and has presented on the subject at a number of international conferences both in Europe and North America. In recognition of this work, he was awarded the 2015 Emerging Scholar award by the American Educational Research Association, this was followed by the AERA’s Excellence in Research to Practice award in 2016. Dr Brown has extensive experience of leading a range of funded projects, many of which seek to help practitioners to identify and scale up best practice, and was recently awarded a significant grant by the Education Endowment Foundation to work with 100+ primary schools in England to increase their use of research.

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