6th May 2017, 7:00pm

The Arts Centre

Saturday 6th May 7:00pm
One Hour Theatre Company present Excepted

Tickets: FREE. Book online or via the Box Office

The Student/Graduate division of One Hour Theatre Company is comprised of Edge Hill University students and alumni. Created in September 2016, the Company, led by Sarah Sharp, and overseen by company co-founder David Peimer, began exploring ideas and social topics for their debut production. Eight months of hard work and dedication later, they are now proud to present to you ‘Excepted’.

Through ten unrelated scenes, linked only by the topic of social exclusion, ‘Excepted’ explores subjects such as immigration, mental health and sexual objectification. Through the use of metaphor, the play is an indirect attack on its audience’s ability to perceive situations for what they really are. Metaphors extending not only through individual scenes, but throughout the piece overall. A reflection of our incapability as a society to discuss the topics we incorporate in a direct way.

We have become an indirect society, with relationships founded on social media ‘likes’ and communication requiring the correct ‘emoji’ in order not to create confusion. It is a reflection of our perception of the world and our inability and frustration as we attempt to understand its way of working.

In ‘Excepted’ we have taken a situation, broken it down to the bare bones of the conflict, and then applied this to another. The performance truly is unique to the Company, based on scenes and concepts devised by its members and then transformed, and written, by graduate member Chris Grundy. ‘Excepted’ is a personal, artistic view of an indirect society that both accepts and excepts its people.

Contains some strong language, and suggested themes of mild violence, and of a sexual nature.

Duration: 50 minutes
There will be a 20 minutes post show Q & A session.