Hallucinogenic Visions

2nd Mar 2017, 6:00pm

The Arts Centre

Thursday 2nd March 6.00pm (please note start time)
Hallucinogenic Visions
An illustrated talk by Graham Duff
Tickets: £5 all

Graham Duff is a prolific screenwriter and actor best known for dark comedy drama ‘Ideal’ starring Johnny Vegas.

As an actor his appearances include Doctor Who and the Harry Potter films.

In the mind-bending ‘Hallucinogenic Visions’, Duff explores the techniques that cinema has used to make hallucinations manifest on screen. He discusses how in the mid 1960s, the spread of the drug counter culture meant more people than ever before were experiencing hallucinations first hand. And so, from then on, film makers had to up their game in the creation of on-screen hallucinations. Duff will screen a wide range of excerpts, including both classics and more obscure material. From ‘Dumbo’ to ‘A Field In England’, from ‘The Singing Detective’ to ‘Into The Void’.

Warning: Contains flashing imagery and material not suitable for minors.